Dear President Schmutz,

Brother Archie and Annie Bernaldo has really been prepared.  Their baptismal date is 6 August 2011, and they have a great excitment for their baptism.  I am grateful to be able to bring a family to the gospel.  I know if they continue to do the simple things pray, read, and go to church their family will be blessed.

Brother Noel Puria's baptismal date was moved to 30 August he is just not ready to be baptized.  He is struggling with Word of Wisdom problems, and we feel like he is attaching himself to us.  We are keeping as much distance as possible, and we have talked to him many times that texting us excessively is not okay.  We are trying to find fellowshippers so that when he is ready for baptism he will be able to continue because he has friends at church.

We are continuing to encourage Sister Margie Casquejo to be married.  She and Brother Gleserio have been trying to get married, but it is difficult for them because of the money.  They have been planning and talking to people and making the effort to be married, so i know that God will prepare a way for them. 

Sister Melita Pacot still is against going to church before she learns more, but I see her testimony growing and its only a matter of time before she makes the decision to come to church.

We have been working with Sister Shine Tinonga who is a recent convert to continue to go to church despite challenges.  She came to church this last week, and she is talking about going on a mission.  I know she is a sweet spirit that would make an awesome missionary.

Brother John 'Nanan' Spencer Ugboc has been inactive in the church for a long time, but i know that he wants to come back he just didn't know how.  He came to church this last Sunday after a long time.  God has been preparing him for something great.  His father has been encouraging him to go on a mission.  I feel like if we can help him do that he can bring so many souls to the gospel.  He has had so many experiences that would help convert the hearts of the hopeless.        

I have been encouraging Sister Akiatan to teach in the lessons.  She will respond with "Ikaw lang" or in other words you just teach, but after some prompting she will teach in the end.  She is a very good teacher, and I have been putting more trust in her to teach.  Our companionship unity in lessons is improving, and I see the blessings from having unity in our lessons.  I think that Sister Akiatan is still trying to find herself, and to figure out how to reach her potential.  She has not learned how to shrug off the bad moments and enjoy the good, but she is learning.  I have been trying to stay positive, and I think its catching on.  I am grateful for the learning experience of our companionship.   

I have great hopes for our area.  Its slow going right now, but I have faith that God will send us those who are ready. God is preparing our area, and I know that all we need to do is follow the spirit.

Thank You President for your service.  Thank you for your example, and thank you for the advise. 

Sister Bruno