Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Interesting Questions from Investigators

Dear President Schmutz, I continue to have a positive experience with Sister Pangue. She is willing to work hard even though she is not a full time missionary with no training. I feel this has not only been productive for the mission, but it has also helped her to be ready for her mission. Brother Jeff has decided to move his baptismal date until the first couple weeks of January so that his parents can attend. I feel this is the best decision for him. I believe that he is ready to be baptized, but I am glad we have more time to prepare him for the covenant he is about to make. He has many great questions, and we are sometimes shocked at his knowledge of the gospel and his testimony. Sister Salve is starting to open up. She is not yet ready for her baptism so we will move the date back. At least we see her progression. Sister Neil Jean Alpitche has a great desire to be baptized. her parents are inactive, but are slowly coming back to church. We feel that she should not be baptized until she has support from her parents. Although she is not a convert baptism she is still someone we have been focusing on. We are teaching her father on the weekends when he is home. They are excited for our family home evening this Saturday at 7PM. If you are available President and would like to attend just let us know. We are happy that Sister Alpitche came to church last sunday although brother did not come with her. She took the leap of faith, and brought her six children with her. She walked with six kids two of them being small children. I feel that brother is soon to follow to come back. We taught the Banono family. The father has been inactive for a long time. He has a problem with drinking and smoking, but we feel this will easily be given up once he once again gains a testimony. It will take time and effort, but we can't let his family try to go alone. I am grateful for the new program it has changed my outlook on the work. I can tell the increase of knowledge. I am grateful for the new questions and concerns of inactive members. I feel this will only strengthen me for when I go home not to become inactive!! I am excited for what next transfer will bring with the new companion. I have enjoyed the time with Sister Pangue training. I will continue to help the work progress here in the Cebu 5th area. Although we had very low stats president this week we really did try our hardest. It takes much more time trying to convince inactive members to let us teach them. I find sometimes we are only getting one or two lessons, because we don't feel it would be appropriate to teach. We have been trying to build trust of the inactive members to open their hearts. We though will not force them to listen to a message if the situation does not warrant. For example we visited the Banono house and brother was passed out drunk. We talked to sister, but we did not teach a lesson. Things like that where there will be no spirit. It also seems we get punted a lot more lately, but it does not frustrate us we just continue. Thank you President for your testimony of the Savior. I have a great hope for my future not only tomorrow or after the mission, but in the life to come all because I know that without a shadow of doubt that Christ lives. He is our advocate at the judgement. Sister Bruno

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