Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Mission President Instructions for Training Missionaries

Dear Elders and Sisters, This is an unusual week. We are completing transfers two days early and changing the preparation day. The reason for these changes is that the Missionary Department of the Church moved dates in order that travel didn't conflict with Christmas. There are 16 new missionaries coming into the mission tomorrow. We are at the highest level of missionaries we have seen since I arrived on the mission. With this transfer we are reopening four new areas for missionaries. If we include the last three batches of missionaries, we have more than 45 new missionaries either being trained or who will complete their training tomorrow. That means about 75% of our missionaries are involved in training right now. I am told by the Area Presidency that we should expect further growth from new missionaries. This means that we NEED each one of you who is willing and desires to be prepared for training, prepared to raise a righteous generation of missionaries. I am grateful for your willingness to be diligent and set a good example for your companion and for the other missionaries in the mission. the only way we can accomplish the purposes the Lord has for this mission is for the entire force of missionaries in Cebu Mission, each one of you, to set a new standard of obedience and enthusiasm for the work. I sincerely hope you have made that decision and commitment in this work. I recently wrote a letter to one of our missionaries to explain my feelings about the importance of training a new missionary and the qualifications needed. I am pasting a portion of that letter here so you can see my feelings. Please ponder this as you perform your missionary labors. Thanks. Here it is: "I believe with all my heart that we have a sacred responsibility to train new missionaries in the Lord's way, so that they will have an example of faith, great diligence, strict obedience and love. Training a new missionary is the most important calling in the mission. The way a missionary is trained will have eternal consequences. In this mission, in the past, I think there has been a false attitude that a new missionary fresh from the great spirit of the MTC needs to learn that it is different in the field and we don't need to be strictly obedient to the white handbook rules or the morning schedule. Unfortunately, this attitude is a deception of the devil and it can destroy the spirit of a new missionary. The brethren have given us a 12 week training program to be used with all new missionaries. That program requires the trainer to be very diligent and hard working. He must carry out a two hour per day companionship study that thoroughly teaches the new missionary how to teach PMG by the Spirit. It is necessary that the program be faithfully followed. It is very hard work. A trainer cannot be trunky even in the least because it takes away the ability to train by example. I know that many missionaries have a great desire to train, so they can have an son in the mission. It is a way to leave a legacy in your son or daughter. But the opportunity to train is not for the benefit of the trainer. It is for the benefit of the new missionary. Too many times, we have had poor trainers leave a very bad legacy in their anak. When a new missionary is told that he or she doesn't really have to be obedient in everything and diligent and hard working every day, then the missionary becomes deceived, confused and often depressed. Too many times the new missionary, decides that the PNC (Pwede Na Current) is okay, and it can ruin his or her opportunity to become a missionary that truly pleases the Lord through faithful obedience all the days of his mission. The missionary that lives according to the higher law of strict obedience and standards of excellence, is happy and is led by the Spirit. Missionaries who are willing to set aside the personal desires and personal laziness, and who are willing to serve God with an eye single to his glory -- TRULY -- are missionaries that will do anything and everything He has asked them to do through his servants. These missionaries are the ones that are converted for life, permanently, these are the ones who receive and carry the Spirit with them at all times. Disobedience at any level, even in small things, deprives the missionary of the constant companionship of the Spirit. Training is a GREAT HONOR and privilege, but great honors and privilege go to those who are greatly faithful, greatly obedient and diligent and who are willing to sacrifice. So, if you really desire to TRAIN, and not just to have a son or daughter in the mission, you must prayerfully ponder upon the following questions: 1. Are you willing to obey EVERY RULE of the white hand book to the best of your ability? 2. Are you willing to arise at 6 am EVERY morning with no exceptions? 3. Are you willing to show by example that disobedience will not be tolerated? 4. Are you willing to follow the study program, every day for the full time, without exception? 5. Are you willing to live to the higher standards.? 6 Are you willing to repent of any disobedience in the past? I hope you will also ponder these thoughts and feelings and use or incorporate any part of this into your missionary life. Thanks again for all you do. All my love, President Schmutz

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