Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Rat As Big as a Cat

Dear Fams, How are you all?!? I am good still haven't gotten the package but I'm not worried. I'm expecting to get it probably in a month I will let you know. We have transfers again tomorrow and I will be training again. This time for real. I'm not sure who I will train but the odds are I will be training a American! We shall see! I'll let you know next week. This week has been rough in terms of our investigators. Our investigator who was supposed to get baptized this coming Saturday told us that his girlfriend is Prego!! But he is getting married in January so he will at least still be able to get baptized. Its just sad because his girlfriend is a member and they really wanted to get married in the temple. Now they will just have to work things out to be sealed in the temple. its just sad is all. At least we have hope for them since they are getting married and they want to stay close to the church. We shall see what happens. One of our inactive members opened up to us and told us that her step father is a peeping tom and that he threatens her life, but she wont open up to anyone else about it. they tried before to go to the barangay but nothing was done. I just suggested that she talk with bishop, but for now she wont even go to church. We will continue to help her resolve this. CAN YALL SEND ME SOME MUSIC LIKE LDS ROCK OR CHURCH MUSIC... you can probably just send it through an attachment in an email!! Thank you in advance. We have Sister Salve's baptism this Saturday at 10AM I am excited for her! I saw a rat yesterday as big as a cat it freaked me out!! YUCKS! Every companionship in my district will be training this transfer its kind of interesting! Im excited to see what will happen tomorrow!! I love you all See you on SKYPE!! I think maybe Monday morning we will skype but be on Sunday my time just in case either christmas eve or Christmas day DONT FORGET!! Love you Sister Bruno

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