Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Area Attack

Dear Family!

This week we have been running on the pier at the beach almost every morning it doesn't get old. The pier  is only a block away so its not hard to go running every morning. I  forgot my camera so I can't upload pictures but next week I will show  you pictures of how awesome it is.

Our area Baclayan is definitely a hiking area. We  have a main highway then we hike for a couple of miles to our investigators houses. It's amazing.

This past Monday we did an area attack where all the missionaries in our district  focus on one area. This week we did the elders in Cortez. We taught two lessons but they don't count as our stats but the stats count for  the elders which is going to kill our week, but at least we helped the work there in Cortez. We also had zone interviews that morning for the  first time with President Schmutz. All of the missionaries love President Schmutz already, because he is so kind. He is different than President Hansen but I love them both differently.

We then a district CSP in our area. We pulled up  weeds for one of our recent converts mom. We told Elder George to eat a  grasshopper, but he just put the leg in his mouth. At the CSP we  talked about how things that were gross to us at home really isn't that gross here in the Philippines. Sometimes you just adjust.

I was just thinking of how close my birthday was and  I just thought time is going by so quickly. Also I thought on August  24th I will now officially be 22 years old weird! Also that after this  area I will probably only have one more area. Then I will be home. I  am definitely not ready for that day to come. I am having too much fun  here in the Philippines.

I hope everyone is well and active....

Love you all

Sister Bruno

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