Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Investigators Progressing in Baclayon

Dear President Schmutz,

The work is going good.  Our investigators though are pretty busy lately, and one of our hopeful baptismal candidates moved to Manila, but we are grateful that at least we could plant the seed.  

Brother Noel Poria our recent convert has a great desire to go on a mission.  He is 27 years old.  We told him that we would ask if it was possible for him to go on a mission since he is a recent convert.  He is amazing he is sharing the gospel with all of his family and friends.  He has no shyness.    

Sister Margie is still in the process of getting her marriage worked out, but she could be baptized at any time once they get married.  She is our only candidate for baptism this month.

Sister Ining Torraon has taken the discussions before and opened up that she wants to be baptized but her son doesn't want her to.  She said she will listen to our message at her other sons house who actually is our investigator Brother Denden Torraon who referred his mom to us.

I have two questions that no one seems to have a clear answer to.  One:  Who wrote the introduction to the Book of Mormon.  Two:  How many years after Christ are we??  2011 A.D.??  

Thank You President we would love to coordinate a baptism with you also we will let you know when we have a clear baptismal date set.

Thank You,
Sister Bruno

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