Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cockroaches, Scotch Tape and Serving in a Temple Area

Family, I am reassigned to the Cebu 5th ward. You know when it has a number after it then its a city mission jud! Our area is the temple! At least I still have a place to go every morning to go running. We are working here across from the temple. If we don't have many converts then I am definitely doing something wrong, because I am in the shadow of the temple. We are reopening an area! Did I mention I don't have a companion. Instead I am making history. At the transfer call I had no idea what was going on I was not very well informed. At the transfer meeting I found out that I will be training a district missionary. She has received her call for her mission, but has not been to the MTC yet. She can still talk to her family and such because she has not been set apart and she is still preparing to go on her mission, but I am basically training her. I am her MTC teacher. Her gospel doctrine teacher, and trainer!! We arrived at the apartment yesterday and the floor was covered with cockroaches! No one lived in it for a transfer (6weeks) and it was an elders apartment before so you can just imagine. Luckily earlier that day we all decided for district CSP they would help us move in and clean up the apartment. It was a wreck! It's okay because now its livable. We spent the last two days fortifying the house with scotch tape plastic bags and paper to cover holes where the cockroaches can get in. We are scared to wake up with a cockroach on our face! My companion woke up the first night because she had a nightmare there was one on her face and they were crawling up the walls!! I now sleep under the blanket wrapped like a pig in a blanket tight as can be so I don't wake up with one on my face. They still get in the house so we will still fortify it tonight! Pray for me that I don't wake up with on on my face!! Sister Robison already told me a story of that happening to her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our first day of real work was yesterday. We had people come with us from the ward to show us the area so we were lucky because the area book is no help! There is no maps or anything useful!! The elders fail! Its a challenge but I know it will just take getting used to! Loving the work... You know Working hard and hard working its super serious here in the city so you know... Nahigugma ko kaninjo! Sister Bruno Pictures to come I forgot my card reader to send pictures sorry!!

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