Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Philippines Cebu Missionaries Share Food with Hungry Children


First of all I love you!

Today we had Zone activity it was really fun! I took pictures but I forgot to bring my cord to upload pictures again!! ;We ate and played games at family Park in our area Talamban. We are all family on the mission and have lots of laughs. We moved apartments and I am building my fan base here in Apas. My companions tell me I have fans all the mga Lalaki always yell until I say Hi to them. The people love America here so its easy to get into houses to teach. Its retaining the members that is the hard work. People here are really humble they have nothing but the clothes and food for their needs and of course huge television sets. Its really funny we go to these houses and they have these one room houses with nothing in them bamboo huts and huge TV sets. You see the important things in life its universal! They are so awesome though about listening. If we visit they turn the Television off right away and listen.

The kids are my favorite I have become best friends with many of the little kids in our area. They help me with the language or just laugh at my language its really fun actually!

Our mission standards are 21+ lessons a week 140 I2l's (invite to learn) 3 CSP hours (community Service Project) 7y7 (seven companionship study weekly planning seven nightly evaluation)

We had one investigator named Leo but he is making no progression so I think we might drop him he is going to be the first person we decide to drop, but we haven't yet we will see.

The poverty is insane here if you just listen your hearts go out to the people but all we can do is to teach them. I want to give everything to these people and give them all their needs but we don't have the resources. There is too many people to help. All I can do is teach the plan of happiness and hope its enough. I have faith if these people will just follow God He will provide for them. We give kids pass along cards. If we have food and are walking it's not uncommon that we will give our food to the children. It's so sad to see their faces their crying and you know its because they are hungry.

I love it here and am having an adventure. Actually we welcome opposition because that is what makes it the adventure. We laugh every night walking home because we are super goofy. I thought before why are missionaries so happy it must just be show,but really on the mission you can't help but to be happy because you are helping others you are walking in the path of Jesus Christ and am trying really hard to follow God and His will. I hope that you all are growing strong in your testimonies of the gospel and continue your missions!! I love you all and am praying that you have health,happiness, and laugh until it hurts!

Until next week this is the adventure of Cebu Philippines Mission.

Yours Always,

Sister Bruno

I love you nalang sa tago (i love you secretly) A lalaki said that to me on the dyipney when I I2Led him... hahah yeah good times on the mission :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Baptism in Cebu

First of all I love you!

This week has been good. the mission you really are happy because you have no worries about yourself. We have all the money we need and we get to go into the houses of people all day, and on Preparation Day we get to be tourist (well kind of) and so life is good in the Philippines. I am loving the weather and the people. Coming up in March next transfer we are going to have 4 people in the apartment. Our area is so big President Hansen decided to split the area into two and there will be two companionships. I am really excited I doubt that I will transfer this next transfer I will probably be here for two more transfers if pattern follows, and I will probably lead one of the areas the next transfer. Yey... usually you lead your first area your second transfer but I had two companions so i didn't need to lead the area.

Sister Mitch Minosa got baptized this past Saturday February 12,2011 and confirmed on the Sunday after. She is really fun she is 18 years old and she always just tells me Okay ra na padayan lang (that's okay just continue) because that's my theme phrase this transfer. She has a strong testimony. She teaches her younger sister the gospel and we are teaching her little sister Mannilyn who just turned 13 yesterday and friend Nelson Mansalay. He is in his 40's still single. Nelson is doing really well. He stopped drinking and smoking, and when he was with his friends Mitch told us instead of drinking with them he read his Book of Mormon. We were so proud of him.

Sister Judith Velez baptism is on Saturday she has been an investigator for awhile, and she is finally getting baptized. She was prepared well. Her testimony is growing strong.

Emerson Ugdiman we thought was a golden investigator, but we haven't taught him in awhile because he is always gone when we go to his house. Also he has been out of town. His dad set up an appointment for us to teach him when he gets back from his Lolo's house.

Sister Cheryl Braga also is a friend of Mitch's. She is difficult to teach. She is a little slow, and she hasn't been responding really to the lessons but we are trying.

Last night we were walking and I crossed the street and my companions got stuck on the other side, and a man approached me he was from Africa and asked what I was doing in the Philippines. It's a common question people think when they see a foreigner around I think when they see white people. Especially white girls in the Philippines. I told him how we were missionaries and he said he was a missionary once too and that at his church they visit the prisoners and teach about Christ. He asked a bunch of questions, and when I explained about the basic beliefs he was super interested. He was like we need to meet again so I can invite my friends and I can find out more about your church. I have a feeling he wants to Bible bash, but we made sure their was going to be a female friend there and set a time for Monday Feb 21, 2011 so we will see. We just need to prepare well and not let it turn into an ambush!

I love you all and pray for you. Thanks for the support and love!

Nahigugma ko kanimo
Amping mo (take care yall)
Sister Bruno

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sunny in the Philippines

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Date: Wed, Feb 9, 2011 at 1:32 PM
Subject: Sunny in the Philippines!

Dear President Hanson,

This week has been really good. We have been doing a lot of finding, and we
found a man named Leo and a little girl named Rosalyn who live across from the church. Its perfect within walking distance of the church. I hope we see progress in them soon we have given them a Book of Mormon and we are following up on Saturday.

Grace Hardy has a strong testimony and I don't see her falling away from the church especially since she has a strong support from her husband. I'm glad for her baptism last week.

Emerson Udgiman I thought was progressing quickly and was accepting the gospel, but in latest attempts to visit with him and teach him he is always gone from home. He is 16 Years old and his family is a part member family. I really hope we can think of ways to get through to him.

Mitch Minosa has a really strong testimony she is 18 years old and her older brother Rechaldo is a member of the church. She has taken it upon her self to read through the Book of Mormon she is already in Alma! Her baptism is this week February 12, 2011 and we are all excited from her. We are teaching her little sister Mannilyn and she is extremely shy, but is starting to open up to us. She is 11 years old.She has bad vision so we write out the hymns for her to sing and her

Sister Cheryl Baraga is learning from us but her learning level is low she has a illness where she has seizures and has a cancer on her face that she is scared to get operated on because of her age. She seems to be progressing slowly, but is still willing to listen so we are taking it slowly with Sister Cheryl.

Nelson Mansalay is progressing well. He has a smoking problem but he says he hasn't smoked since we committed him 2 weeks ago. He usually goes to church with Cheryl and Mitch, but they didn't attend with Nelson and he came by himself! We were all really proud of him, and his progression.

Sister Marilou has a strong testimony, but her live in doesn't want to get married, and she is not attending church. She is growing and learning still, but is having troubles with her live in Michael's gambling problem. They have no money for food and he gambles all the money he makes away.They have 4 kids too. It's really sad to see that he is willing to gamble away what little money they make.

I'm working hard to be 100 percent in all I do. The companionship having two companions is a little rocky, but we are managing. Sometimes I wish I had only one companion I think my language would progress more quickly since they have formed a close bond, and I'm just kind of there. I love them both though and the Lord has reasons for my companionship so I'm trying to enjoy it.

Talamban city area is great the people though are always busy and it's hard to catch most people at home sometimes. We have one inactive family who is always gone from the house, but we have talked with the oldest son many times. Mikee is 18 years old and we convinced him to come to church last Sunday and he was there! I only hope he can be a good example to his family.

The work is good in Talamban and the sun has been shining today so that's a good sign.

Sister Bruno

Sunny in Talamban


Today has been a good P-day the sun is shining and it's not toooo humid! This morning we were running late to  go to the temple so we wanted to take a taxi, but taxi's never come to our house so we took a dyipney to Talamban from where our house is in Pit-os. We were trying to wave down a taxi as we rode in the dyipney.  It was way funny! We then got off at Talamban and took a taxi, but when we were 20 minutes out there was a broken down taxi and our taxi driver stopped to help his friend. We wanted to help but the taxi driver knew we were in a hurry and insisted that we switch taxi's. So we took  another taxi and the first driver didn't make us pay. We then got a  cheap taxi ride and made it in plenty of time for our temple session.

This week we have been teaching a man named Leo who we found in  Talamban his street is literally right where the church is so he can walk. I placed a Book of Mormon with him. We also teach a little girl named Rosalyn since we can't teach Brother Leo without a girl kuyog. She is 11 years old but doesn't seem way into  our lessons, but I hope we can change that. It's hard to teach different kinds of people all at once, but in lessons there are tons of people who just join in to listen. We will be teaching a lesson or talking to someone on the street and people will just come and join in. In the Philippines it's interesting. We will go to homes and people will be there, but its not their home, and the owners won't be home. People always visit each other at their houses and hangout in waiting sheds or like bamboo huts outside. There are kids everywhere.

There is one kid that I love we don't teach him or his family we just met him on the street and he is like my best friend. Every time we  see him I'm always happy his name is P.G. He is super adorable! He  always talks to us when we walk by. The people are super friendly here,  But most kids make fun of my language it's irritating sometimes. Most people are just shocked I can speak Bisayan and stare with their mouths open, it's crazy, and funny at the same time.

I love you all and pray for you. Hope all is well!; Miss y'all


Sister Bruno

Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's Been An Interesting Week

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Date: Wed, Feb 2, 2011 at 3:38 PM
Subject: Re: Its been an interesting week
To: Annika Bruno

Your experiences are molding you each week into the person the Lord wants you to be. Thanks for your report and have a healthy week. Pres.Hansen

On Wed, Feb 2, 2011 at 2:53 PM, Annika Bruno wrote:

Dear President Hanson,

Seems like when I have high goals there is always opposition. I set some high goals this week and it just so happens that I got hit with a bad sickness. I had a high fever and chills so I was out of work for two days (Yesterday night,yesterday, and today I'm just getting better). But I only see it as an opportunity to work harder. I'm grateful for good companions. Sister Caluyo and Sister Williams are heaven sent. They are definitely answers to my cry's to Heavenly Father.

Besides the obvious bad part of the week the rest of the week has been good. Sister Grace Hardy was baptized and missed her confirmation, because they made it late to church coming back from being at Graces home. She was upset about it but we assured her that we are going to confirm her next week.

Mitch Minosa baptism is set for February 12, 2011 and she is going to be prepared. Besides the assigned readings we have given her she has taken the initiative to start reading the Book of Mormon herself and is in Jacob right now.

Like you said President Hanson with many trials comes many blessings this seems to be our companionship theme!

Sister Bruno

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Live-In Partners


I can't believe how fast the time is going I feel like I just got here yesterday! I'm never going to get used to the time on the mission. It seems like the time goes so fast because its go go go all the time, and I love it.

This last Saturday January 29, 2011 Sister Grace Hardy was baptized it was really awesome. She definitely was one of those people who was ready for baptism. She has one of the strongest testimonies, and she has such a good heart. She always wants to feed us and even if we wanted to we cant escape her house without her feeding us. Her baptism was small, but her sister ended up coming which was good i think for Sister Grace. On Sunday Sister Grace and Brother Hardy came late, because they were coming all the way from Sister Graces home in the Providence and so she wasn't confirmed. She was really disappointed, but we made sure she knew we would do it next Sunday.

On the Dyipney (jeepney) ride the other day the conductor (the man/boy sometimes there are 14 year old conductors who takes the money) the guy asked Sister Caluyo if she was our tour guide. Haha I never heard that one before it was hilarious. I think that's probably what many people think of us when we are walking down the street.

Sister Williams and Sister Caluyo always make sure I say to say Hi to everyone in Bisayan because I "wouldn't want to disappoint my fan club" they are always teasing me about me having a fan club. They tease me about everything actually but its just what I call love.

Sister Mitch Minosa has a baptismal date of February 12, 2011 and she is ready for baptism. Although we didn't assign her to she has begun to read the scriptures from the beginning and she is already in Jacob.

Many of our investigators right now have Law of Chastity problems. Their are many people who have live-in boyfriends with children, so its really difficult trying to convience them to get married. Our investigators are willing it's the boyfriends that are having the issues, and two of them are members. Sister Sally Abella, and Sister Emeley Pardillo both have live-ins that are members it's sad because they are not living their covenants and so they are holding their families from blessings. Its really frustrating!

I love you all and hope all is well!

Sister Bruno