Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Going Home from a Mission

HAHAH Mom told me of the Christmas BOX!!! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH I LOVE YOU ALL. I will let you know if it comes in the next month hahah it always takes FOREVER!!! The mission is great. We just found out that one of the Elders in my batch going home will be going home soon because of a heart problem. I have been talking to my companions about what it would feel like to have to go home early. Most have said they would be okay with that hahah!! Well I definitely would not be okay with that. I would only hope that I serve the fullest here on the mission with no regrets and until the end. I would hate to miss the going away parties haha!! We had district activity today, and bought a cake for Sister Gumayao's birthday which ended up in a small cake fight. We are children I know but it wasn't out of control so i feel that its okay :) Shhh dont tell President in case thats not okay. I have realized on the mission it's about personal worthiness. We have agency. If we used the agency wisely the mission is an amazing adventure. If we use our agency incorrectly the mission is full of guilt and regret. I am glad I am having a blast on the mission. I am starting to adjust to the city, but hope that i will have one last area before coming home. The time is far spent you KNOW!! The elders in my going home Batch are counting down the days and the time is soon approaching, but don't worry you still have some time to make some coming home posters and plan my PARTY...!! Speaking of party its soon CHRISTMAS!! THAT MEANS SKYPE!! I plan to skype on the 25 DEC but Im not exactly sure yet. But plan it to be 25 DEC. It might be 26 DEC whatever I will let you know next week probably. We have a baptism coming up soon. We postponed it for his family to attend. Brother Jeff is what I like to call a Golden Investigator. He has so many awesome questions is amazing how great his faith and testimony is. i feel that rather than us teaching him he is teaching us far more. I like to use his comments in lessons when I teach. He makes everything so clear. I am excited for the transfer. It will be on 21 DEC. It's early this month so it wont be so close to Christmas. I will be getting a full time companion, and will train for two transfers so I will most likely have one more area my last transfer!! I love you all for your sacrifice for me to be on the mission. Keep enduring and living your covenants. Love Sister Bruno PS PLEASE UPDATE ME WITH ALL OF YOUR LIVES!!

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