Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Life is Short: Missionary Email

Dear family,

On Monday morning i was in the CR doing my Laba or hand washing my laundry.  All of a sudden I hear a car screech to a halt and hit something.  Then we hear a woman scream.  We walk outside.  The view was not clear because of a car parked in front of the house, but we just see a little girl around 8 year old being carried unconscious into a car and drive away to the hospital.  It definitely shook us up.  We said a prayer together for the young child, and I had a moment of reflection.  LIFE IS SHORT.  Where do I stand with God?  And I asked myself all of the questions of the soul.

Moving on to a more positive note we have a baptism 6 August 2011.  I am super excited for Brother Archie and Annie Bernaldo.  They are husband and wife and have a 2 year old son.  They are so prepared, and i cant wait for their baptism.  I only hope they can jump, and leap over the hurdles that Satan has in store for them.

Here in our area at night their is not public transportation, and our area is huge so we can't really walk.  We waited for about 45 minutes for a ride home, but their was none to be seen.  We had two kuyogs Sister Annie Ugboc and Sister Shine Tinonga we were across the street from a police station so sister Annie said we should just get a ride home from the public service officers...  They made me ask since I was American and could speak Bisayan and they would more likely do it if I asked.  We asked and they ended up taking us home in the cruiser.  Adventure for sure.

My companion Sister Akiatan is struggling since she is new, but she is learning and our friendship is growing.  I am starting to get the hang of things here I expect I will start to not want to leave in the next couple of weeks once I have a basic knowledge of the area and meet all the members.

I love all of you and resist the temptations from Satan.  Develope charity for one another.  Our neighbors were arguing all night last night with each other.  It was the siblings and the mom.  We just sung hymns super loud to try to make them stop but they only go louder.  It was really depressing, and saddening.  Cant we all just get along lol...   Charity is the answer to all of life's problems.  Study Charity in the scriptures and develop it.

Still working on the language...

Still working on weaknesses...

Still working...

Love you all

Sister Bruno

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