Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Progress in Marigondon

Date: Wed, Apr 20, 2011 at 11:09 AM
Subject: Re: Weekly Report Sent on 19 Apr 2011

Thanks for sharing that spiritual moment. You will continue to have moments like that each day as you follow the spirit's directions. Keep up the great work. Pres.Hansen

President Hansen,

Marigondon has been really good. We are finally starting to get some definite investigators. We have progressing investigators who are attending sacrament, and actually we had 8 investigators attend sacrament this past week. We have two investigators Amy Junio and Rose Lacsamana who are progressing towards baptism. We are working with them for their understanding, and brought them to temple tour which helped them a lot. Sister Rose said that going to the temple she felt that our message must be true. It was a big testimony to me of the great importance of temples on the earth today. We are working with a part member family the Lotoga family. The mother is inactive, but the father is very supportive of the kids going to church. He even has been thinking about attending. The children have attended church and the younger ones are receptive so we will keep working with them. It will take time for this family. We don't know what they all feel at this point in time, but we will keep teaching them to help them realize the importance of the gospel in their life. We have an investigator brother Ceasar Padilla who has investigated many churches and we are taking things very slowly with him. We are teaching the Saga family and they are progressing. We had four new investigators this week Kenshin Barcenal, Reymarth Barcenal, Maura Barcenal, and Lotchin Pino they are very smart they really think out our message and i know they will take the effort to find out for themselves if it is true. Brother Raymarth's prayers are very powerful I could see him as a future leader in the church.

Our area requires a lot of work, and we are doing everything we can to help our area progress. Sister Falculan is pushing me to do better every day and my language sky rocketed with her as a companion. We come home very tired every night, and I find that a sign of a successful day!

Thank You President Hansen!

Sister Bruno

Dreaming in the Language


Nahigugma Ko kaninyo!

Karon semana Lisod Jud kaayo!  Daghan ang among trabajo pero okay ra na! Padayon lang. At least ang akong linguahe palambo jud kaayo ug ang akong kauban si sister falculan nindot jud kaayo niya. Karon semana nay upat ka bago nga mga investigator ug nindot jud sila kay ug smart jud kaayo sila ug naghunahuna sila kabahin sa among mensahe. Dili nagistoria sila oo lang pero nay daghan mga pagutana para kanamo.

The area has been good we are working hard and we are doing our best to find families for our area. I had a dream in bisayan yesterday which I find to be a good sign because I think it must mean I can now understand the language. I can understand Jud pero when I speak its slang jud kaayo. We are so tired after work we go straight to bed. We were in bed asleep by 9:30 yesterday! As in knocked out jud. My companions say I talk in my sleep and I have even said Bisayan words haha!
Some of our new investigators we are going to play volleyball with next pday I am super excited but Sister Falculan is not excited kay she hates volleyball, but she said she will play for the sake of BRTing (building a relationship of trust).

We had a temple session today and we had to take a taxi. Our new area is soooo expensive because we are always taking tricycles to and from places. Its the only mode of transportation and our area is huge! I would just walk every where if i could but Sister Falculan likes to keep a strict schedule. She is awesome. She is so Kugihan its ridiculous. I love her for it! We are always laughing which is good because if we aren't laughing it wouldn't be as fun!

Welps we have an early appointment we have to make!

DONT FORGET IM GOING TO CALL FOR MOTHERS DAY! Im not sure what time yet or what day but I will email again next Wednesday tell me what day and time is probably best and we will work something out!!



Tuesday, April 12, 2011

First Transfer

Dear Family I love your faces!

I heard all the challenges it's crazy how hard Satan is working. Transfers tomorrow... drum roll please... I am transferring to Marigondon OPENING AN AREA! That hardly ever happens for the sisters here I heard, but I am excited to see what happens. I am glad that I am trusted with this by President Hansen and Heavenly Father. My new companion is Sister Falculan she is amazing. She was in my district these last 3 transfers and now we are companions starting tomorrow.

I am going to miss Talamban my first area (it will always be where my heart is), but I heard that Marigondon has beach area! I haven't seen the beach for 6 months! Whoa crazy I have been here for 6 months! I am definitely going to miss Sister and Elder Bailey right next door they have been a huge help these last three transfers always checking up on us. They really are so kind. The best office couple ever!!

My district was the bomb Elder Holley, and Elder Daffon KA-BATCH, and Sister Brand (THIRD COMPANION) Younger Batch, we had Elder Gassaway, Elder Tan, Elder Dela Cerna, Elder Abayani, Sister Williams, Sister Tumala, Sister Caluyo, and I... NINDOT KAAYO CITY DISTRICT!We also Had 3 District Leaders Elder Hiatt, Elder Unite, and Elder Dela Cerna also our Zone leaders Elder Tan, and (Before he Transfered Elder Gubb) Elder Gassaway. Wow its crazy that we all have been together for so long.

Talamban has been really fun and this week we actually had two new investigators that when we went back to teach them turned into 5 new investigators. They all seem they are prepared for the gospel. It's too early to tell but they could be people who are really strong in the church! I see their potential they could all be priesthood holders!

I am going to miss all of my Tintay children. Vivian, Mileen, Gen, Christine, Kristin, Michael, James Warren, and all the other ones... I really loved all the tintay people Brother Joeal, Sister Jenny, Sister Judith, Sister Jams, Brother Jazen, Brother Jomar, Sister Josephine, Brother and Brother Danilo. I am definitely going to miss all the Single Adults in the Talamban ward! They were a big help in the work. Sister Salta, and Sister Arinas, The Matthews family, Bishop Abanggan and his family, the Nacar family, the Natividad family, the Leona Family, Basically all the families in the talamban ward!

Many challenges many disappointments BUT the happiness far out weighed the bad. I only have hope that all the people I taught will continue to follow God and to accept His plan.

Sister Williams and Sister Caluyo and Sister Tumala have been BESTIES Sisters for ETERNITY... I can;t even imagine it just being two of us in the house its going to be quiet. On my mission I have had at least 2-3 other people in the house its going to be weird where its just 1 other person. I guess its "preparing" me for marriage! BAHAH

Conference was soooooooooooooooo amazing! I loved all the talks but I loved even more that they talked about the boys needing to shape up or move out LOL!! JK but no really all the SISTERS died laughing when they talked about it. SO TRUE MAO JUD!

ANYWAYS until next week this has been another exciting week on the mission in the Philippines... weather report it's getting hotter and I LOVE IT Politics report... I don't really know WORLD NEWS... Dont worry about it for now but prepared!


Sister Bruno

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Missionary Marriage Proposal


Primero Nahigugma ko kaninyo. Hapit Na Mo-uli! JOKES LANG BITAW!

So  this week has been really fun. Today we baked brownies and cake Sister  Brand and Sister Falculan came over, so it was Sister Caluyo, Sister  Williams, Sister Tumala, Sister Brand, Sister Falculan, and I. We ate  pizza and baked P-day in the mission field good times!  But it wasn't  good for me because I made a pact with Sister Hansen our mission  President's wife that we would lose 2 pounds a week, I'm just going to  have to run super hard tomorrow morning. We have been running in the  morning and we walked up the bukid all day yesterday I'm so sore its  great. President Hansen challenged all of us to go APE in the morning  (Arise, Pray, and Exercise).

HILARIOUS STORY!! My companion just got proposed to over email  BAHAH she is going home in 3 months and the boy I guess has been making plans for their marriage without her knowing, and he wants to come pick  her up and get a temple marriage. Sister Caluyo was like NO JUD!!  hahahahhahahaha I'm dying this is the best story ever! LOL laughing in  the Internet cafe  I about peed my pants. She is like I want to PUNCH HIM way to bother  me with this matter on my mission!! HALA HALA HALA. Some Peoples kids!

This week has been fun of fun times. We basically spent all day  hiking through the Bukid visiting Recent converts that have been  inactive. We visited a recent convert Brother Nelson he is so buotan but he hasn't been coming to church not cool, but I hope our lesson encouraged him to come to conference.

They announced this week at district meeting that P-day next week is on TUESDAY and transfers are 2 days early WEDNESDAY! We all freaked  out hapit na! Hala I cant believe that transfers are so soon! Siguro my companion will transfer I hope they don't take her from me she is an amazing teacher I cant go on without her! Joke Lang but still really  she cant go she is an awesome companion! I most like will stay one more  transfer putting me at 6 months my first area! I will be happy staying  or going I will go where the Lord wants me to go I'm just happy to be  in the Philippines! So many blessings here on the mission my happiness  is great. My disappointment I feel in investigators when they don't  follow a commitment, and how I feel proud when they do. I feel Heavenly  Father shaping me for after my mission. I love the mission and am  grateful to Dad for encouraging me to come on my mission. I am so  grateful for mom raising me in the church, and teaching me the right  values. I am grateful for Gen, Gigi, and Flora's example thanks mga Ate (older sisters) for sticking it out. I am grateful for Desi, Franny,  Michael, and Niki's disapproving looks if I stepped out of line thanks  mga manhod (younger siblings)! Family really is being attacked everyday  STAY STRONG RESIST THE TEMPTATION TO ARGUE!!

PS to everyone who is reading my blog if Dad posts this I am grateful for your friendship and you words of encouragement here on my mission.  I know that God loves all his children. Resist temptation you have agency to choose. Choose the Right!!

Nahigugma Ko kaninyo

Sister Bruno