Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Overflowing Font

Dear Family, This week as you all know was Christmas and I have yet to receive that package, but they go to the post office tomorrow so I am hoping to see it then. Its about the thought that counts Thank you all!! My area is Cebu 5th. The temple is my area, and we spend a minute or two in the mission office chatting with the missionaries if we happen to be at the complex. I am back to being informed about everything happening with the other missionaries. But you know me I would rather be in the middle of no where climbing a mountain than in the city. This week was an adjustment getting used to training an American! Sister Taylor! Sister Williams my "trainer" was American but she was Samoan, and this is the first time while I have been on the mission that two white American sisters are together. They say that its because I know the language well. I think it just happen to be destiny. :) Well I thought I would like it which I do, but its a major adjustment. I thought I was training last transfer, but this is really a challenge. I now have to speak English which I have decided I dont like to do now. It hurts my head. I have discovered though it is no longer about me progressing, but rather trying to make history with my greenie! It turns out though that Sister Williams is Sister Taylor's MTC teacher what a small world right! I guess I was mentioned in a couple of classes. One of the greenies that came into the batch with Sister Taylor said that she read my blog. Interesting. Maybe I should try to be more witty or something... well if I had time :) You know You Know never enough time.... So at the baptism of Sister Salve Vismanos the ward mission leader wasn't paying attention to the font, and during the lesson of Sister Monarez the font over flowed! The water swept across the floor and Sister continued her talk. When she was finished Bishop Thelmo and Brother Dover mopped up the floor. After we had a successful baptism. When they said amen all Sister Salve had to do is bend her knees and she was under the water. They hardly needed to put her under the water was so high. For Christmas I got the news that Gen had a baby! Wow was I ever shocked. I guess when you are on the mission your family just kind of forgets about you and assume someone else told you the news!! Can you all send me pictures please! Yey its a boy!! I am so excited to see him when I come home, and Chiara got so big!! She talks now. I love you all, Sister Bruno

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