Saturday, October 22, 2011

Getting Tired on A Mission

September 22, 2011 Gen, How are you? Is your health doing okay? I saw a picture of Chiara the other day. She is getting so big! How is Stuart doing? Does he have a clear job now? How is your photography doing? I'm not really tired on the mission. The longer I am out it seems the more fun it becomes. Last transfer was hard because I was follow-up training and my companion was trunky and never wanted to work that hard. She never talked to me but this transfer I love my companion! Sister Canoneo and I laugh all the time. We never fight or disagree. We work well together. Probably because we have both been on the mission for a long time. I don't really want to train because it is way tiring carrying the lead teaching every lesson! But it is only inevitable because November and December we will get a lot of sisters. All the sisters will probably train this next two transfers. I am learning a Tagalog song called Nardito Ako by Jolina Magdangal. You should Youtube it. The meaning is cute. It's a love song. Don't forget to show Chiara pictures of me so she doesn't forget me by the time I come back! I miss you and hope your health is okay! And the baby send pictures when you can. Love Sister Bruno

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