Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Building Houses


We still havent heard yet about the transfer call, but its exciting. We have no sisters coming in so there will be an area closed and a threesome. We dont know what to expect because we figured out that almost all the sisters in the mission will be training this next few transfers November and December. We are not sure though who is all training but its going to be literally almost all of the seniors. Sometimes I hope that I dont train because its sooo stressful, but it would be a fun expierence. What ever happens I know that I will grow from it. All of my companions I have loved in different ways.

Speaking of companions I LOVE LOVE Sister Canoneo. We are Besties!! She is amazing. Seriously we have so much fun together. Teaching lessons, tracking, or P-day. We have an adventure on the mission. I hope that all the rest of my companions can be as cool as she is.

Last P-day we had zone activity. We played games it was fun to see all the zone. We had a fhe for the elders going home Elder Gubb and Elder Diguidoy. They are way good elders. We are going tomiss them here on the mission kay elder gubb was our zone leader and he was the bomb.com but it was a way good FHE it made me realize I am not ready for the mission to be over. We also played charades it was way fun too..

For district meeting this week we played categories. Our district this transfer is way fun and funny. We laugh all the time. For categories we were super loud but no one got mad or anything we just laughed because the elders in my district play off of eachother. Our district all have chill attitudes so we all get along.

We have a CSP every monday and we have built a whole house from the bottom up. We are almost done. We painted the roof this past monday.

We had a FHE with a new investigator brother John Rey he said its way more fun than bible study and he plans to do it with his family more often.

We have an investigator who lives with her relatives who are members. Charity is 13 years old and her parents said she could get baptized so her baptismal date is this October!! We are excited for her because she has support since she will be living with the Delfins for a couple of years.

The mission is fun. We work hard, and play hard. Its not only about being serious but its learning how to be happy in life. It doesnt always have to be serious. There is a time to be serious and a time to have fun.

I love you all and am glad we are going to be together forever!! Dont lie you are too :)

Nahigugma ko kaninyo

Sister Bruno

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