Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Letter to Mission President 20 July 2011

Letter to president July 20
Tuesday, July 19, 2011 11:04 PM
From:"Annika Bruno"

Dear President Schmutz,

This week has been an adjustment, but we are working hard to make the transition smooth.

Sister Margie Casquejo is still working on getting her marriage papers so that she can be baptized.

Brother Archie Bernaldo is hard to teach because we don't get to see him that often because he lives so far away, but we are trying to find ways to visit with him.  His wife Annie always is gone so that makes it more difficult to visit.

Brother Greg Bacarisa's health has not been good, but he has a great desire to be baptized.  He has not been able to go to church yet because of his health.  We are praying for him to get better so that he can go to church.

Sister Melita Pacot has had many missionaries visit her, but she is still on the line about the church.  We have committed her for baptism, and she didn't oppose so at least that's a positive.

Sister Mel is willing to go to church this next week.

We are teaching the Rabe family Johnson Mark, Charleen, Hazel, and their father Francis.  They are laying low since we committed them to go to church.  So we don't know what to think.  We will follow-up on them in a couple of days.  The last two times we went to visit they have said they were busy, so we will just have faith that the Lord is preparing them.  Then we will follow-up this Saturday.  If they are not ready then at least we planted the seed.

We are trying to get the members involved, and have been helping a member prepare for his mission.  Brother Russell Minoza has a desire to go on his mission, but his parents doubt he can go because he has only finished 5th grade.  We have taught that if he has a desire to go we will prepare him, and that he does not need a perfect knowledge.  The lord chooses who he chooses dependent on the desires of the heart.

We have many finding activities planned for this next week.  Our investigators all are laying low lately.

Brother Noel is supposed to get baptized 30 July 2011, but we are not sure if he will decide to push his baptismal date back again or be baptized.  We have faith he will receive his answer, and we will do everything we can to prepare him.

The work is continuing in Baclayan, and Sister Akiatan is starting to open up.  I have been told you cant change people but you can change yourself.  I have decided to make this companionship successful I need to see what I can change and not how I can change her...

Thank You President,

Sister Bruno

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