Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Archie and Annie Bernaldo Join the Church

Dear President Schmutz,

This week we had a successful baptism of Brother Archie and Sister Annie Bernaldo. They gave their testimonies on Sunday the next day after their confirmation.It was a good feeling.

Brother Noel Puria also gave his testimony and expressed his desire to be baptized.

We had area attack on Monday and it was a successful time. We have many new investigators that we plan to visit this week.

We have really been blessed we re-activated Rusel and Rodello Minoza, Shine Tinonga, and John Spencer Ugboc. Brother John Spencer brought four of his friends to church on Sunday and we hope that they return this Sunday.

Sister Akiatan has really been growing in her teaching skills. She is discouraged sometimes, but we encourage each other to be positive. I have been working on communicating with her and our relationship is becoming better. I love her and only hope her success here on the mission.

I am so grateful for the blessings from Heavenly Father with the area, and have really seen the progress of the work here in Baclayan.

I am just changing my attitude, and looking at the bright side of things.

Thank You President,

Sister Bruno

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