Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cockroaches, Scotch Tape and Serving in a Temple Area

Family, I am reassigned to the Cebu 5th ward. You know when it has a number after it then its a city mission jud! Our area is the temple! At least I still have a place to go every morning to go running. We are working here across from the temple. If we don't have many converts then I am definitely doing something wrong, because I am in the shadow of the temple. We are reopening an area! Did I mention I don't have a companion. Instead I am making history. At the transfer call I had no idea what was going on I was not very well informed. At the transfer meeting I found out that I will be training a district missionary. She has received her call for her mission, but has not been to the MTC yet. She can still talk to her family and such because she has not been set apart and she is still preparing to go on her mission, but I am basically training her. I am her MTC teacher. Her gospel doctrine teacher, and trainer!! We arrived at the apartment yesterday and the floor was covered with cockroaches! No one lived in it for a transfer (6weeks) and it was an elders apartment before so you can just imagine. Luckily earlier that day we all decided for district CSP they would help us move in and clean up the apartment. It was a wreck! It's okay because now its livable. We spent the last two days fortifying the house with scotch tape plastic bags and paper to cover holes where the cockroaches can get in. We are scared to wake up with a cockroach on our face! My companion woke up the first night because she had a nightmare there was one on her face and they were crawling up the walls!! I now sleep under the blanket wrapped like a pig in a blanket tight as can be so I don't wake up with one on my face. They still get in the house so we will still fortify it tonight! Pray for me that I don't wake up with on on my face!! Sister Robison already told me a story of that happening to her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our first day of real work was yesterday. We had people come with us from the ward to show us the area so we were lucky because the area book is no help! There is no maps or anything useful!! The elders fail! Its a challenge but I know it will just take getting used to! Loving the work... You know Working hard and hard working its super serious here in the city so you know... Nahigugma ko kaninjo! Sister Bruno Pictures to come I forgot my card reader to send pictures sorry!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Taking On Another Challenge

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Date: Mon, Nov 7, 2011 at 12:43 PM
Subject: Re: Weekly Report Sent on 1 Nov 2011

Dear Sister Bruno,

Thanks once again for a wonderful report on your progressing investigators. You reminded me of how important it is to keep track of our investigators and recent converts -- "and their names were taken, that they might be remembered and nourished by the good word of God, to keep them in the right way, to keep them continually watchful unto prayer" (Moroni 6:4) and especially to prepared against trials and tribulations that might keep them from accepting baptism.

You have been blessed to have Sister Canoneo as a companion. She is a wonderful sister, and I know that she feels blessed because of your companionship with her. Now it is time to move to another assignment. We are asking you to take on quite a challenge, but we know that you are up to it, and by relying on the strong arm of the Lord, you will be equal to the task. I hope you feel you have been blessed by your time in Baclayon. I know you have blessed the members there.

Stay strong, and seek to purify your heart for the work. (D&C 112:28). I am very proud of you.

President Schmutz

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland Admonishes Missionaries This is Deadly Serious Business

Dear Family, The chismis or gossip here on the mission is that I will be opening another area and training the transfer call hasn't come in but President says that my next area is going to be challenging which means I am going to be 100% stressed out... I heard I am going back to the city but I have prepared my self for the worst hehe.. At least if I train this transfer I will have one more area! If I go back to the city hopefully that means my last area will be Bais or I will return to Bohol! President told me to stay strong in his last email that means that this next assignment is going to be extremely hard arg... Okay I am willing and ready for anything BRING IT ON!!

Hehe well this week we have been mostly looking for dentist for Sister Canoneo because her wisdom tooth came in and she was in real pain. Thursday we looked for a dentist then by Saturday we found one that was a reasonable price, and we got an X-ray then Monday they took out the tooth. I watched them but I couldnt really see anything because I didnt stand right over them when they took it out but I did see the blood and tooth pieces being sucked up the tube. I convinced her to take the tooth home as a mission memory hehe. She didnt want to at first but gave in at the end. It was not long but rather fat... YUCKS JUD...ANYWAYS We were in the house all day on Monday and Tuesday after. I know that she is in serious pain we don't know what the next two days will be like, but Friday we will be going to Cebu most likely I will be transfered and she will take trainers' training..

So dad wanted me to send him the 20 October 2011 notes from the Elder Holland talk well here goes:
The first presidency and apostles have high expectations for the missionaries. There is no compromise--what is expected is to be happy and successful-- almost seems unfair but accepted call to serve the Lord. Don't take for granted that you are serving. We don't do icons people want to convey what church is... what is symbol of the church? Salt lake temple? What is more known is two latter-day missionaries--symbol of who we are. Ultimate image Savior but missionaries are those the people know. Bear responsibility of adoration and trust.People feel that you are perfect--You have no right to compromise that image... In this dispensation you missionaries stand next to Samuel Smith- 23 march 1830 book of mormon published 3 days before organization of the church and Samuel already was taking the Book of Mormon to the world... You have 200 years standing beside you. Don't be anything less that you can be. We stand by our colors be part of that devotion. This is DEADLY SERIOUS BUSINESS. We do everything we can to change you over night. We are opening the entire kingdom for you missionaries we give that to you at 19 or 21. ;Accept it with generosity. Make sure you are hearing this! We know we expect a lot from you and we do not apologize;for age expectation or the pressure we put you under. Be kind of missionary your family thinks you are.
Preach my Gospel- background... It was a bold and daring move it requires a finer missionary. You now need to go to their level and not try to make them come up to your level. It can't be your way its about their way. ;John teaches Nicodemus and he doesn'tunderstand... Why? Literalism- if you say birth you mean birth. Women at well doesn't understand either because takes it literally. Don't expect them to be at your level. Find out who they are. He is going to teach everyone. Why cant I? You talk to everyone because that's what He did. Be persistent- Wallace Torranto story... You have to know the gospel. Basic scripture etc.
Be believing and obedient to have to spirit of the Lord in your life. White Hand Book--We signed on to do it His way. Don't whine about the rules or break them. This is the BIG time so square and stiffen your back and Be obedient. Obedience= Devotion Don't let people off the hook for not keeping commitments. ;We can not make any commitment slide because one day they are going to make temple commitments and they really can't slide on those. Teach with Power and Authority. They need to know that you know even if they don't know. Sizzle them right down to their Adidas melt their flip flops.
The power of conviction! Power of the still small voice will melt them. Spirituality not theatrics. -prayer - Scripture -Longing - know to be better missionary than Elder Holland. Be better prepared and knowledgeable. If you are struggling with your testimony you hang on to mine!! This is the truth. Not a fable. That is the truth and I wouldn't tell you a lie.
Awesome talk!!

Nahigugma ko kaninyo!!


Sister Bruno