Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Mission Teaches You To Grow Up

22 September 2011


It seems like forever since I last wrote.  The mission life is awesome I love it.  My birthday was awesome.  Thanks for the honey you sent thanks again!! I am now 22 years old. One year older and wiser too.

The mission really teaches us to grow up! I can especially see the changes in my attitude and personality to become perfected through Christ.

On the mission I have realized that knowing the gospel and living the gospel are two different things.  There were times I lived the gospel and times I just knew the gospel.

Right now my area is Baclayon Bohol and I love it.  We live right across from the pier and I have been faithful about running almost every morning! I say almost every morning because some days I am just super tired.My companion Sister Canoneo is super supportive about my running. I think she is the first who actually will run with me some days. 

We get along really well but I can tell you that there are times we need space but that's normal being with someone for 24 hours a day.  We never fight or have disagreements.  I hope we stay together one more transfer but its unlikely because we have both been on the mission a long time.  We both will probably train in the next few transfers.  We don't have any sisters coming in this next transfer but the next transfer after we will get 10-12 new sisters.  So everyone that has been on the mission a while will probably train.

This October 20th Elder Holland will be visiting the Philippines.  All the missionaries no matter what island are invited.  I am on Bohol so it will cost 1000 pesos to travel.  If I am still on Bohol we have transfers this September 30th.  We will see what happens.  There are so many missionaries going home in the next transfer. 15 missionaries are going home!  We will get many missionaries the next few transfers.  We didn't have any baptisms this transfer just planting.  But we should have baptisms this next transfer if I am still here.

I miss the family lots. I hope everything is going good! Is Michael starting to date? How's Nikita?  How is Franny liking the college life.  How's Chiara and Gen and the baby.  I hope they are doing okay.  Don't forget to send pictures when the baby comes!

Loving life.

Sister Bruno

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