Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hitchin' A Ride

Sister Canoneo accidentally hitched a ride from this guy yesterday. We were walking from Habitat to Santa Cruz with a member kuyog, and Sister Canoneo thought that the jeepney was a passenger jeepney, but it was just a personal van. Sister Canoneo was just like can we just ride to the bottom when she realized it wasn't really a jeepney. They guy just said it was okay, and we got a free ride haha. Last week was amazing, because we got to go to and listen to Elder Holland address us Missionaries personally. We all took a mission picture with Elder Holland!! We ended up having to spend the night though because there was no boat to take us back. We weren't expecting to stay and none of us had extra clothes, and so we all were gross the next day and we had to drive in the van together. It was definitely an experience... We are going to have an activity with a member today we are excited! Sorry short email again.... Love you Sister Bruno

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