Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Philippine Cebu Mission President Wife Says Good Bye to Missionaries

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From: Barbara Hansen <>
Date: Mon, Jun 27, 2011 at 7:43 PM
Subject: Salamat kaayo

Dear Missionaries of the Cebu mission,  
We've all hugged and shook hands a bunch of times, but it is still hard to say "see you later!"  I want to personally thank each one of you for being the person you are--willing to dedicate your lives to the Lord for 2 years or 18 months.  I know that at the end of our time, we each want the Lord to say, "Well done thou good and faithful servant."  Service creates love.  My parting advice is:  If you feel unhappy or unkind feelings about someone, serve them and it will soften both hearts.  If you love the people, serve them and watch that love grow.  Remember to say your prayers at 6 am every day.  We will be saying ours at the same time (4 pm in Las Vegas).  It is awesome to think that we have friends all over the world!  And that we are all praying for each other day and night!  
A part of my heart will always remain in Cebu, with the people, the missionaries, and all the sweet memories we have gathered here.  May you know that you are loved by President and myself for eternity!  May God bless you in your labors in and in the life after the mission. 
Sister Hansen

New Mission President Evan A. Schmutz

Email President

Tuesday, June 28, 2011 10:43 PM
Dear President Schmutz,

President I just want to say hello and welcome.  I am excited to have the opportunity to get to know you throughout the rest of my mission, and hope that you will love Cebu as much as I have come to love it.  The people are very kind and they are humble enough to accept the gospel readily.

This week have been a mix of emotions.  We have been struggling to keep out recent converts active, and to help them realize the importance of enduring to the end by continuing to go to church, and for them to be active in the church.

We have four planned baptisms this coming Friday 1 July 2011.  We are not for sure about the baptism of Sister Amy because she has not said yes or definite no about her baptism, but I pray everyday she will make the decision to be baptized and open the gate. 

Bryl Minoza 17 years old is a great example to me.  We taught him about fasting this past Monday and on Tuesday he fasted.  He has the desire to know the truth.  He is going to be baptized this Friday.

Leo Minoza 17 years old his mom said he could be baptized yesterday.  She finally gave her permission after not wanting him to be baptized.  It gave us the opportunity to start to teach his mother about the gospel so she would let her son be baptized.  She actually is slowly listening to the gospel. 

Louis Minoza 18 years old stopped smoking.  He is so excited about getting baptized he only regrets he could stop smoking earlier. 

Sister Anastasia is listening to the gospel she is the Lola of Bryl. 

From our recent convert Randy Minoza we have started to teach at least 7 people.  He is a strong person.  I only hope he can continue to live the gospel and not fall away.  He is the example for them since he was the first to be baptized, and to introduce us to them.  He is struggling at times but through the members he is becoming stronger.

I see Satan working on these boys especially since they talk about going on their missions.  I am worried about their retention, but I have faith God will help them when they need it.  I only worry because I meet so many people on the streets while I2Ling that are inactive now.  Also some of my recent converts have already fallen away.

I know that this work has been progressing quickly.  I am grateful I am a part of it.

Sister Bruno     

Four More Baptisms in Marigondon

Dear Fams...

So thanks for the updates its been awhile since hearing from you all.  Its weird to think life goes on while I'm away, but s much has changed.  I'm grateful though I have nothing to worry about except the worries of other people.  Which actually is WAY more stressful than having to worry about my own life haha..

So from your letters you say I sound happy and its so true.  I come home so tired every night and its awesome because we just have so many people to visit everyday.  I have become close with my investigators and I don't want to see the transfer come, because it brings change.  I could be transferring or Sister Falculan could be transferring we find out on Wednesday next week.  Our investigators and recent converts don't want either of us to go, and if possible I hope we both stay one more transfer! 

We have four baptisms planned for this Friday 1 July 2011 Bryl, Leo, Rose, and Amy.  I am so excited for them.

Stay active in the church and always read the Book of Mormon.  Don't ever fall away from the church!  If you do I will come home from my mission and... Well just don't! 

Love you all

Sister Bruno 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Progress of Work in Philippines Cebu Mission

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From: Barbara Hansen <>
Date: Tue, Jun 28, 2011 at 8:08 AM
Subject: Amazing!!!!

Dear missionaries,  We just wanted to share the June statistics with you and celebrate our success together--100 baptisms!!!  Last week alone, 44 souls opened the doors to salvation.  Almost 10,000 people were invited to learn about the gospel.  President and I are so happy with your hard work and the love you have shown.  We see these statistics, not as a pinnacle or stopping place, but a starting place for President and Sister Schmutz to build on.  We know you can exceed the 1000 baptism mark by December, perhaps even 1100 in 2011!  As a mission, we currently have 531.  Congratulations and padayon palihog!  President ug ako nahigugma ka ninyo. 
Ayo Ayo
Sister Hansen

Monday, June 27, 2011

Philippines Cebu Mission President D. Parke Hansen's Farewell Letter

Dear Elders and Sisters of the Philippines Cebu Mission,  
I am breaking tradition by writing my final letter you as a group rather than responding individually to your emails from last week.  I am profoundly grateful for each one of you and the dedicated efforts you have put forth in serving the Lord.  This is His work, and each of you contributes to the success and progress of the entire mission.  You will be blessed eternally for the sacrifices and selfless work you are devoting to the Master.  Your lives have been interwoven with mine and will remain so after I am released.  I depart with a glad heart and the assurance that your new mission president will bring a special spirit of love which will permeate throughout the mission and into your hearts.  President and Sister Schmutz are called of God, and I have already felt their love for each of you.  They have been praying for you for some time, and have already begun to know you through your pictures and countenances.  Each of you are unique, and I feel confident that President Schmutz will be able to see the worth of your souls. 

The success of any mission president is seen in the lives of the missionaries as the years unfold.  Let the doctrines of the gospel fill you with the grand vision of your eternal potential.  Face the future with faith in every footstep.  Trust in God’s perfect mercy and love for you.  Know that your life is essential to His ongoing mission to save and exalt His children.  Just as you bring joy to your earthly parents by living a virtuous and upright life, so you bring that same happiness to your Heavenly Father, only it is coupled with His limitless capacity to bless and magnify us.  I pray that you will continue to battle your own weaknesses and turn them into strengths through the Lord’s mighty power. I have great hopes for each of you, for you are all recipients of the everlasting covenant.  You are destined to inherit thrones, kingdoms, principalities, and powers far beyond your present understanding.  Keep yourselves unspotted from the world by continuing to live according to your covenants.  You will always be our sons and daughters, and we will continue to pray for your success.

I know that God lives and loves us, Jesus is our Savior and Redeemer, Joseph Smith is the prophet of the restoration, the Book of Mormon is true, and we have a living prophet today who receives current revelation.  I know that the plan of happiness is the true course for all men and will lead to eternal felicity with our families.  These truths are precious to me and provide a sure foundation and motivation to inherit all that the Father has.  I close by conveying the same sentiments as the prophet Jacob who culminated his writings by simply saying ADIEU.

Please start today by writing to President Schmutz using the same IMOS website.

Thank You and God bless you.

Your Fellow Servant,

President D. Parke Hansen    June 27, 2011

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Work in Marigondon Moving Slower


Love all of y'all.  

So I have really been worried this week for our recent converts and our investigators.  They really are like family to me.  They still have so many trials to go through.  Louis and Louie though are giving up smoking.  Although its not easy for them, especially since there is so many people that do not want them to succeed in this difficult task, they are making progress.  We bought them candy so that they can substitute candy for smoking.  

Leo's parents are not letting him get baptized.  He really has a desire to be baptized, but they are not supporting his decision.  They support his brothers decision because his brother was a little out of control before and now is straightening out.  For Leo though he is a nice kid and they don't want him to get baptized.  We are doing everything we can to convince them otherwise.  He is 17 years old so he needs their permission.

Bryyel is still going strong he is missionary material! 

Sister Amy is being interviewed this Saturday I hope she makes the right decision.  

Sister Rose is being interviewed this Saturday too and I think that she is ready.  This will be the best step for her to make for her family right now.     

Brother Ronnel really surprised us with his testimony in the lesson the other day.  He is really growing.  I saw him walking down the street from behind when we were going to visit him the other day I recognized him and waved.  He saw only my hand out of the tricycle and he took a tricycle to his house and met us there.  Sister Falculan was laughing because I recognized him even from the back.  I am very observant...  

Growing Learning Living

Still here even though its been 8 months don't forget about me!!

Sister Bruno

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Email to Mission President

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Date: Wed, Jun 15, 2011 at 10:11 AM
Subject: Re: Weekly Report Sent on 14 Jun 2011

If you look at the progress you have made since arriving in the mission, you will be amazed at your progress !! Thanks for your continuing good work sister Bruno. Pres.Hansen
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President Mission Letter

Tuesday, June 14, 2011 10:09 PM
Dear President Hansen,

The last couples of weeks have been a success.  We had a baptism of brother Randy Minoza.  He is 21 Years old and wants to serve a mission.  We are building his knowledge of the gospel and building his faith so he can endure and serve a mission next year. 

Sister Amy and Sister Rose is still on the fence about getting baptized.  They go to church, but they want to know if it really is the right church.  We are going by the spirit for their lessons. 

Leo, Louis, Louie, and Bryyel are progressing towards their baptism on July 2 and they all want to serve missions too.  Louie and Louis has been smoking for 5 years, but we have faith that they can stop.  They have the desire they just need to take the action.

I am still learning, and see the progression.  I am still no where close to the point where I expected to be this far into my mission, but I am relying on the Lord and trying my best.  

Sister Bruno 

Mission Changes

Dear F-A-M-I-L-Y!

Are you still alive?  Can someone write me and give me an update?!? I havent hear from most of you for awhile so just curious how everyone is doing....

The mission is GREAT... 

We just had brother Randy Minoza Ybanez this past Saturday 11 June 2011!  Success!  He is 21 years old and he wants to serve a mission.  We are really excited for him and he seems to be doing great.  We hope that he will continue to have to desire to serve a mission after a year.  Next 11 June 2012 he will serve a mission UNTA (hopefully)!

We are teaching Leo Minoza and Louis Minoza and Bryyel Minoza (brother Randy's cousins).  They have a baptismal date of 2 July.  The only problems they seem to be having is that their parents are against their being baptized.  We are building trust from their parents and hopefully they will be baptized on their baptismal date, because who knows what will happen at transfers.  

We had our last zone conference with President and Sister Hansen.  They leave 2 July 2011.  Our new Mission president and his wife come on the 1 July 2011 and their last name is Smutz (?) I think thats the spelling...?  It was really sad to say goodbye.  We all did musical numbers because Sister Hansen requested it!

We have a special Temple session next week for all the sisters.  Sister Hansen got it approved and it sounds like its going to be awesome.

One of our investigators Harold moved home.  He is now in Mindinaw so we gave the Assistants to the President the referral.  He is what I call a golden investigator.  When he got to his house over there he texted us and told us that he stayed up reading the Book of Mormon until 3 in the morning.  He also said that he was going to show the restoration dvd to his family.  We texted him back and told him to make sure that he explained the background and testify.  He is like a missionary there now.  We are definitely going to follow up on making sure that the missionaries over there find him in Arora!  

We are getting portable DVD players in August!  They are a study resource.  We can watch the Preach my Gospel DVD's and any of the distribution center DVD's!  I am so excited.

Working hard so my husband will be cuter :) Just kidding...

Love you all

Sister Bruno 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Another Baptism in Marigondon

Dear Family!

So we had a family home evening at the Latoga families house because it was Joice's birthday yesterday and their mom Michelle's day off was Tuesday this week.  It was really fun.  Actually all the family home evenings we have here in the Philippines are a success because everyone really is willing to participate no matter the game!  I am learning to be chill here on the mission.  I have become shy of sorts I think I picked that up from the culture.  All of our investigators are so shy at first!!  I have come to like the personality so much its become me.  BUT not so much shy because I'm a missionary and its dili pwede to be shy.

Brother Randy Minosa is getting baptized on Saturday!!  I'm so excited he has been talking about going on a mission and that's AWESOME.  He might be the one who actually endures to the end.  Its been a struggle with the Latoga kids because they don't have a firm support system so we really are trying to work with their family to help them stay in the church. 

Leo, Louie, and Brryel are prepared for the gospel and are so willing to get baptized but its all up to their parents permission.  Their parents are Catholic JUD and so who knows we are BRTing like crazy and we will see what happens!

Brother Harold walked to church he didn't have money for plete and so he walked we talked about sacrifice and if he needed to to walk to church kind of joking but serious.  He actually walked to church we were shocked and astonished but it just shows that God prepares His children for the gospel.  

We have an investigator Sister Lovely Laybon whose live-in partner left her but he sounds like not a very nice person.  He has 4 other women he has children with and he is married.  I guess he was with sister lovely for 4 years.  We are now teaching her and she is excited to go to church because her live in partner wouldn't let her go to church for all 4 years of their living together.   

The days are passing by much quicker and I feel like I'm grasping at least part of the conversation.  I'm no were close to understanding everything being said but the work will go on.
Nahigugma ko kaninyo Lagi ( I love yall seriously)

Sister Bruno

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Make or Break Moments

Dear Fams!

Nahigugma Ko kaninyo

Welp this week has been so fast.  The time in Marigondon really has been fun.  My trainer went home and my other 2 companions (Sister Williams and Sister Caluyo), President Hansen, and Sister Hansen go home in July this next transfer.

We have some great investigators who are really progressing.  Looking back I see that the Lord really does prepare his children for the gospel.

Ronnel (23 yrs), Harold (27 yrs), and Rolland (30 yrs) came to church this last Sunday and we are bring them to temple tours this coming Thursday.  We are teaching them Word of Wisdom tonight so we will see what happens this might be a make or break moment.

Brother Randy is going to be baptized on 11 June.  We were going to have his baptism on 18 June but he is just really ready so we asked if we could change it because a member of the bishopric id going to get married 18 June and everyone will be at his wedding.

Brother Leo really wants to get baptized, but his father is against it and has not given permission yet, but he has not said no so there is still hope.  Brother Leo is 17 yrs and he is so willing to be baptized he just needs permission from his father.  We plan to teach his father this coming Sunday!

Sister Amy is still reluctant about getting baptized but she is going to church every Sunday and is reading the Book of Mormon despite her eye condition.

Sister Rose missed church this past week so we gave her another baptismal date!  28 June!

Learning everyday and loving everyday.

Sister Bruno