Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Weekly Report July 12, 2011

Dear President Schmutz,

I was shocked when it wasn't Sister Falculan transferring, but in fact in was me who transferred.  I think we were both shocked that I was transferring to Bohol as a follow-up trainer!

When I went to transfer meeting I was feeling many different emotions.  Sad because I had to leave my investigators and recent converts, doubting that I was going to be a follow-up trainer, and excited to have to opportunity to go to Bohol.

During the transfer meeting I was comforted by your words where you said that we need to lift where we stand, to be on a higher level of thinking, and trust the Lord has assigned us where we are for a reason.

I am doing my best to be a follow-up trainer, but I feel like I have no idea what I am doing.  I have only been a junior my whole mission.  Any words of advice President?!?

We have a baptism this next Saturday 23 July 2011 Brother Noel Puria.  He is a 27 year old.  He has stopped work because of a bad experience he had, which in turn allowed the missionaries to find him.  We are working hard to make his baptism a success.

Brother Archie Bernaldo lives in the middle of the jungle.  It takes us 1 hour just to travel or in other words hike to teach him, and then one hour back to civilization, but he is worth the time.  They say he is a golden investigator.

Brother Greg is having health problems which prevents him from coming to church or from listening when we visit.  We are praying that his health improves so that he can be baptized.  He was blessed by the Elders this past Sunday, and we can only wait to see what happens.

Sister Melita and Sister Mel are slowly progressing.  We will do everything we can to get them to church this Sunday.

Sister Akiatan is adjusting to having a new companion, and she is a great missionary.  We have been practice teaching every morning for companion study, and it is not only helping her but it as well is helping me progress in the language.

At times I am frustrated with the language, because here in Bohol I can no longer rely on my English when I don't know a word like in Cebu City.  Which I have found as a way to make my language progress, and I know I have learned very quickly because of the Lord.  I just need to set higher goals to become better and to rely more in my Heavenly Father.

Thanks President Schmutz for your encouraging words last email.

Sister Bruno

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