Thursday, July 14, 2011

Advice to New Senior Companion: Mission President Letter 14 July 2011

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Date: Thu, Jul 14, 2011 at 6:03 PM
Subject: Re: Weekly Report Sent on 12 Jul 2011

Dear Sister Bruno,

I am so impressed by your knowledge of your new area, and so quickly obtained! You are there for reasons that will soon unfold. This is the Lord's mission and he is in charge. I think you and Sister Akiatan are going to make for a terrific companionship. You will see that she will be able to learn much from you, and you can learn much from her.

Do not worry about whether you are ready to train. The Lord qualfies whom he calls. You have been called to be a senior companion and follow-up trainer for a great young missionary. My advice: follow the handbook, follow PMG, keep your morning schedule to the tee, wear your knees out, and then lose yourself in the work. I will promise you with a knowledge based on many experiences that each time you feel you don't know what to do, the Lord will gently and many times silently lead you in the right direction, place thoughts in your mind, or give you more direct inspiration that will cause your heart to burn. But, as you have learned, he requires the heart and a willing mind. And he requires you to take action.

I'm excited to watch you develop and gain new skills, insights and experience. Thanks for your diligence and faith. Sister Schmutz and I are really looking forward to meeting with you next week, and I am looking forward to our interview.

All my love,

President Schmutz

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