Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Missionary Excited to Leave MTC and Go to Philippines


Yeah the light saber pictures I first took weren't very good. We were still experimenting and also the flash on my camera doesn't do very well. But we took a bunch more today and they came out really good. So hopefully you think these are better. We took the Matrix one today but in our P-day clothing. We are going to take one in our dresses another day.

I am way excited to be going to the field. We got our flight plans today. It was more exciting then getting my mission call! Haha. We have been super intense in Cebuano and I have learned a lot in the MTC. I am having a way good experience in the MTC and will be sad to leave but I am ready to get out of here!

I'm sorry if my emails have been lame but we don't get much time to write. So it's not too interesting. Just updates! This week were were talking about the war at the end of the world. My teacher asked what we though the war would be like. My elders replied with Narnia and Lord of the Ring types of things. Then my teacher was like yeah I always think of animals fighting and such. I would want a bear next to me and be like I hope you are afraid of that guy. Then he was talking about how he would rather ride a lion because a lion can take a tiger anytime because one of my Elders said he wanted to ride a tiger. Then my teacher said if a lion smacked a tiger it would be knocked out. Brother Atagi is funny. He is basically my elders' favorite teacher.

Nahigugma ko kanimo

Love, Annika

PS: They closed the mail room yesterday and bookstore until Saturday and everyone was annoyed. They said it was because of the storm but there was no storm.

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