Friday, November 19, 2010

Parent Letter

Missionary Name: Sister Annika Bruno
Mission: Provo MTC
Date Submitted: November 10

Hi Annika,
We love getting your letters and emails. I know you can't write much on email because you don't have much time, but it is fun to get them anyway. I noticed you were wondering about the spelling of counselor, as in the counselor in a branch presidency. That is something a lot of Mormons get wrong and it bugs me. I even wrote a little spelling guide once, and I thought I could send it to you, here it is:

Counsel: advice; opinion or instruction given in directing the judgment or conduct of another.

Council: an assembly of persons summoned or convened for consultation, deliberation, or advice.

Notice that the Bishop or Church leader gives you COUNSEL, but you attend a COUNCIL meeting. On Wednesday nights you might need to go do some COUNSELING at your COUNCIL meeting. Many of us formed part of the COUNCIL in heaven. Our Apostles form the COUNCIL of the Twelve. They give COUNSEL to the members of the Church. Most of the acronyms use COUNCIL.
PEC=Priesthood Executive Council
BYC=Bishop/Youth Council
HC=High Council

Now it gets a little bit tricky. Please pay close attention.

High councilors--spelled this way because they are members of a COUNCIL.

First and Second counselors in presidencies--spelled this way because they give COUNSEL to the president or bishop.

haha I know you won't be speaking or writing English much for the next 18 months, but just thought I would share!!

So Franny is mad at me today because I went to pick her up at school, she was supposed to get off at 2 but at 2:30 she wasn't out yet. And she didn't answer her phone or texts. I had to leave her there because I had work at Wellness at 3 and I still had to go home and change. So she had to walk part of the way home and then Dad went and picked her up the rest of the way when he got home. She was very mad. I hope she will get over it.

I am not enjoying swim lessons now that it is COLD! I hate being wet.

Chiara's party was very fun. I will send pics on email. She didn't like the ponies. There were 3 of them. All of the little kids in the ward had fun. We had about 14 families here. It was wild.

Well, I will go and send an email now with pics. Too bad Dear Elder doesn't download pictures!

Love, Mom

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