Thursday, December 9, 2010

Parent Letter

Missionary Name: Sister Annika Bruno
Mission: Philippines Cebu
Date Submitted: December 9

Hi Sister Bruno, I'm writing to see if this will work--is this the right Dear Elder address and will this get to you? I am sending it to Philippines Cebu Mission. We had some sad news about Genevieve's twins yesterday, she went for her ultrasound and the babies did not have a heartbeat. The doctor said they might just miscarry naturally or she might have to go in later this week for an operation. She is very upset about it. Stuart's car also broke down, and no one has any money. So we are going through some hard times. We are very lucky that you are on a mission, because the families of missionaries are supposed to be blessed. So we are waiting for some good blessings to come soon! Looking forward to Gigi and Deseret coming soon. Gigi says she isn't lazy like the rest of us and she will get a job within a couple of weeks of being here! So we will see how that works out, haha. Flora has a gig being Cinderella at a birthday party on Saturday. We have this beautiful blue prom dress that used to belong to Kelsey and Flora wore it and Gen did her hair like Cinderella for Chiara's birthday party and now all the little girls who were there want Flora for their parties. Jenny Swartz is having a princess tea party and Flora is going to go and make $25.00. I'm glad you got to the Philippines OK and I am looking forward to getting your email on Wednesday and hearing about your new companion and your first area. I will write you again after I hear from you.

Love, Mom

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