Friday, December 3, 2010

Fooling the MTC Mail Room


Hey everyone I am leaving the MTC in two weeks and will probably go silent except for email when I get there I am not sure yet what it is like so everyone should pass on the emails to everyone so that they don't think i am ignoring them!! I heard mail takes like a month to get to the US!! I heard that North Korea is fighting South Korea right now is this true that is crazy if so... I never get real news in the MTC so when we hear something its crazy!! Also it was supposed to snow yesterday so all the teachers were sent home and we didn't have a teacher for the rest of the day and also the bookstore closed which everyone was annoyed about, but today is P-day and tomorrow is Thanksgiving so we get two chillax days which is cool!!

So dad asked for a funny story so here it is I have a story book and this is one I thought was kind of funny! Elder George got a package and it came with an orange slip. Turns out his dad tried to send him a chocolate cream pie. Elder George was super mad about it. He made a list of MTC villains one was the mail room, then juggernot (the security guy for the devotionals), the Spanish district that stole our comfy chair, and the others (the English district). They devised a plan of ordering poop from an animal then put it in a box with packing peanuts, and sent it to the mail room. When Brother Atagi found out he devised a plan of putting ex-lax in a pie and sending it then wait and watch until someone runs out of the mail room. Elder English was like "YOU ATE MY PIE"

Elder George and Elder Holleys dads are always trying to smuggle them in food from take out places and their packing has become elaborate!! Like one of their dads packed the food in a crazy way so that the mail room couldn't smell the food! Basically hilarious but the elders get super excited when the food gets through its like Christmas to them! The elders always get a lot of packages Elder Holley gets a package every day from someone!! They don't open them until the dorms. They gather everyone's packages and open them like Christmas presents. Elders are so interesting!!

I am super excited for the twins and I loved KIKIs pictures soooooooo cute me and Sister Brand was like awwwwwww and everyone came and looked!

The new Cebubus are awesome we love them like our children or something. My new companion Sister Brand is awesome she is super fun. We all laugh in our room at night including Sister Walker, Sister Barney, Sister Nerdin and Sister Whipple. We all have a lot of fun. It's basically amazing love. I'm here but ready to leave in two weeks AHHHH!!

Nahigugma Ko kanimo!!

Sister Bruno

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