Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Joining the Church for Right Reasons


The days are passing by so quickly and my brain hurts. Haha! The language is my major obstacle but it's been good besides that. Today we hiked up to the Tops to the huge cross it was kind of creepy but kind of cool at the same time. It was a district activity!

Yesterday we had a CSP where we cleaned up this basketball court for this neighborhood in Sister Robison's area. Speaking of Sister Robison she has a blog its caricebu.blogspot.comAnyways this place had so much trash we burned it in a big pile of grass and weeds and trash. There is trash everywhere here. I don't think
they have littering laws or anything.

We meet with this old lady she is a member her name is Susima she has an amputated foot and she is having a  hard time. We saw four investigators at church this week it was awesome it made me feel like we are doing something. We met with Elicio yesterday and his kids cussed at their mom about chores and the mom yelled back and Elicio is not a member so he was like if this is how members act I don't want to join. We had to do major damage control.

We met with Emerson for the first time. He is 16. His father is a member but his mother is not. He seemed really interested in the lesson and he said he wanted us to come back. He is a cute kid and super nice. He is the  brother of the little 3 year old that can just look at the temple and tell you what temple it is. He is only 3 years old. He is a super smart kid.

Elsie and Sally went to church on Sunday. They live by each other and are friends. I hope they continue to go to church here. You need to go to church 4 times in order to be baptized. They want to make sure the people are not joining only for financial support because I guess it has been a problem because the church is seen as only wealthy people go.

It's really hot here and I love it! It's an adventure every week!

Love you all. How was Midnight mass. HAHA. I was so happy to talk to you on Christmas.

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