Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Notes Elder M. Russell Ballard MTC Devotional

Elder M. Russell Ballard MTC Devotional
Quorum of the 12
November 2, 2010 7:00pm

Why people don't progress.

Not master teachers.

People don't understand what w are teaching.

Ask questions just taught them.

Unrelated questions--Ballardism say that companion will study and talk about next time. But what  do you understand about what he just taught.  Need to know... doctrine.

Become master communicator.

1948 in England. We knocked on door gave housewife pamphlets on apostasy.  They went right in trash.

Richard Anderson brought system to explain message and pointed out history.  Connect with people better.

Conducted street meeting on 2 ft. high stand and preached. Missionaries sing then preach.

President Boyer, Elder Mckay, Congressman

Let's go hold street meeting. There were two new missionaries.  Hugh West graduated from Stanford. He didn't do too good.  Then I had to go up.  Boyer said preach the gospel and speak on baptism.  There were 500 people.  I said everything I know in 1 1/2 minutes.  I was grateful to get off the stand.  I knelt down and apologized to the Lord and told him I was sorry I was bad.  I made a commitment to never happen again.
I spoke 715 times on street corners.  Learned I could communicate.

As treasure up then master skill to lead people along in the discussion.

Learn to be master communicator.  Get testimony down.

Assist us and let us know your understanding who is God.


4 I don't care
                                       3 There is no God all bad things happen
                2 Never thought about it
         2 God doesn't exist
  1 I don't know
                        1 I'm not religious. I'm a Jew.
            1 God universal spirit.
                             1 Personal God helps me to pray
1 God's cool.
              1 On fence if I believe.
1 Many gods.
1 Leader.       
                      1 God's idea created by man.
1 Power in life.
  1 Creates doubt.
 1 Good idea.    
          1 I believe in Jehovah.
   1 Supreme being.
1 Everything.     
           1 No problem it's good.

Learn to ask questions.

Talk to people wherever you find them.

Gospel is beautiful and simple.

Keep the message simple.

Conversation always starts with how people feel in the beginning.  How they feel about you.

  When come to know the Church is true.  What happened.  The missionary's teaching and I felt.  Reading in Book of Mormon and I felt.  In sacrament and I felt. Felt the power of the Holy Ghost.

Most powerful thing you have is your smile.

Attitude of success.  Confidence in message.  Testify in Joseph's own words.

Life Change

We are going to make Saints out of them.

Take people out of world of darkness.

Help us as we try to turn ourselves into master teachers. Spiritual communicator.  Many are searching but don't know where to find doctrine of Christ.

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