Thursday, November 18, 2010

New Sister Missionaries in MTC Cebuano District

This week is so exciting not even kidding we get new Cebuano people and they are here today!! Our district is like little kids in a candy store that's how excited we are! Our devotional this week was from Kevin W. Pearson of the Seventy! Basically amazing talk! He said that we were set apart and we can not fail on our mission. He also talked about how we need to know who we are and then we will be able to do what we need to do. My new motto from him is the scripture 3 Nephi 5:13. I am a disciple of Christ.

Last Wednesday we got 4 new sisters and I love their guts. They are basically my favorite. We laugh so hard. My elders think we are so weird but really we are just like you are so young bahah. But no seriously my elders have a weird senses of humor! I am funny according to everyone except for them, not even cool elders, not even cool. No but we all laugh a lot of the time. Sister Whipple is so quiet sometimes she gets annoyed at us but I don't see why since we are so cool... :) But we love her guts anyway. We make her takes pictures with us and we will break her out of her shell soon enough! I got a third companion the sister is solo from the Cebuano district. Yeah I get to practice my language with her all night long. But I am super sad Sister Chang left Monday that was depressing. They finally found a new Cebuano teacher for us. We get him this week! We are loosing Brother Neilson. I'm so sad. He was basically amazing and my favorite teacher ever!! But he is giving us his address and email and all of that!!

My emails get shorter and shorter sorry but its basically the same old story all week. I study focus study focus eat eat eat eat eat!! Okay I will admit I gained weight in the MTC but its not from trying. I have been running my heart out for gym. Its because I'm sitting and studying in a class room all day long. DONT JUDGE!! Hahah don't worry about it!

The English district 7A is leaving on Tuesday and that's super sad. They were by far my favorite district. They are my personality times 1000. I love their guts. I will get all of their first and last names. Don't worry dad I am making sure to get everyone in the pictures names at least most of them. Some people jump randomly in pictures and i can't! find out their names. I'm sending more pictures home this week but some are the same. Sorry but I needed copies but anyways some new ones some old ones! I got more copied so I should have some next week too. I wish I could just put them on the computer!

I want to see Kikis' party, someone send me pictures please!!

MOM or someone can you mail me some pictures of the family and don't forget ones of Kiki and Stuart. I need them for the mission!!!


Love Sister Bruno

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