Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cool Elders: Letter to Parent


I don't have a cord to upload pictures but I got a CD of some pictures. I can't see the pictures so I can't identify them for you right now but I am trying to SYL as much as I can.

I have the names of all the elders and sisters in all my pictures right now. We just figured out the Star Wars picture and I need to convince someone to do the matrix one with me. I don't even know where to look to find hidden things but maybe I can try.

Elder Ballard came and spoke this week. He spoke on how we need to become master communicators. Enclosed are my notes. When you are done can you send them back. Also my notes from Elder Scott and Elder Nelson's talks.

I guess I am super lucky to be getting so many apostles coming to talk to us.

The MTC is hard work but I have faith and that's all that matters I guess.

I met some cool elders from all over the world with all different stories.

One I met in the laundry room told me about an uncle that cut his finger off and didn't make it in enough time to reattach it so he pickled his finger and brings it out at family reunions.

Another Elder I met is from England. He spoke to me and Sister Chang in the sack breakfast line about being new and not having companions yet. We saw him walking alone later that day and asked him if he lost his companion. He said he wasn't assigned one yet and was on his way to the international office. Another cool thing today we ate at the temple cafeteria. Time for bed!

Nahigugma ko kanimo

Love Annika

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