Sunday, November 7, 2010

Notes on Sheri Dew MTC Fireside

Sheri Dew MTC Fireside
November 7, 2010

Write impressions.

Mortality in comparison to eternity is so small but it doesn't feel like that.

Mortality is small compared to eternity.

God puts you in the place where you need to be at that time.

God knows who you are.  Where you are.  What your mission is and what you need to accomplish your mission.

Life is short.

2300 missionaries in MTC influence the world.

Matthew 6:33

Living in latter part of the latter days.

Be fearless in building Zion.

Keep from fulfilling life mission--Identify confusion, Keep from understanding how Savior atoned.  Kee from receiving personal revelation.

Moroni 7:1-2  What need to know.

Developed talent of spirituality in premortal life qualified us to be born into House of Israel.

Here now because God trusts us.

I am a daughter of God

D&C 138 Read & Pray.

Understand who you are.

Luke 4:18 Savior heals us.

Ask Lord if teach/mentor.  How sounds. I feel for you when He is speaking to you.

Immerse self in word of Lord. Scriptures.

Right now is the time to learn. Right now.

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