Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Notes Elder David A. Bednar MTC Devotional

 Elder David A. Bednar MTC Devotional
Quorum of the 12 Apostles
November 9, 2010 7:00pm

Sister Bednar

Helaman 5:13 All creations denotes there is a Christ.

Going to be hard but God is with you.

Ephesians 4:5

Heavens not closed God speaks to Prophets.

Be faithful and obedient.

Matthew 20:18-20 

God is always with us always.

David A. Bednar

You are not teacher Holy Ghost is the teacher.  Pay attention to the Holy Ghost. Impressions.

If body is here but mind is not please come back.

More important for investigator to learn than for you to teach.

These are people teaching.  You first need to learn.  Doctrine.


Simple and fundamental.

Nature of Godhead=doctrine

Plan of happiness=doctrine

Atonement of Jesus Christ=doctrine

Doctrine always answers question. Why?

Understand what doctrine is.

The Answer is Always The Doctrine.

Guideline of Doctrine=principle.

13 Articles of Faith.

Principle guideline from Doctrine

Righteous exercise for moral agency=Govern yourself

Principle Answers Question What?


Principle not behavior not action it's a guideline.

Application=What we do

Application Answers Question How?

Repent=return to Christ.

Doctrine versus Principle versus Application

Life in Church focus on which of three?

We are drawn to applications to improve.

Doctrine of home teaching.  Watch over strengthen.  Be with members of the Church... Find in scriptures

If understand doctrine never miss answer always doctrine.

If I understand the doctrine maybe I would have a better attitude about the MTC...

Understanding=Revealed Result

Answer Always Doctrine

I need to start learning and stop procrastinating

Learn doctrine so I can change.

I need to go to bed early so I won't be so tired.

Mosiah 24:13 Focus on covenants

Know covenants so you can teach to 8 year old

Mosiah 24:14  My yoke easy burden light

I need to change for this to be easier.  I can't do this alone but with strength of Lord.

You can do it with the Lord.

Answer always Doctrine.

Need to study more effectively.

Holy Ghost will answer questions through you.


Answer Application question with Principle

Plural marriage God revealed to Joseph Smith and God discontinued plural marriage through another prophet & revelation.

If just give answer not as good as if guide to correct guideline and principle then will be brought to truth and will understand.

Parent=What doctrine if understood  can make them chaste in a world with few that are chaste. 

What doctrines if understood change attitude & behavior.

Use in own life what doctrine will help change your behaviors and attitudes.

Going to proclaim restored gospel.

Atonement help capacity beyond your own.

In strength of Lord I can Do All things in His Strength. Promise to all children.

Apostolic witness Father and Son live.  Witness Jesus is the Christ.  He is resurrected. I witness He lives and speaks.  He is the head.  He directs it.  I  witness it is true.

Blessing:  Diligent and faithful in study.

Doctrine of Jesus Christ brings understanding, direction, protection.  Will bless you and family throughout eternity.

Diligent in understanding doctrine magnified capacity enlarged to help others learn likewise...

Its not about me.

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