Saturday, November 13, 2010

Coordinating Sister & Four Apostles in a Row Speak at the MTC

So I have been in the MTC for 5 weeks now and its crazy I dont feel like it has been that long but I guess it has. I am slowly not liking the food at the MTC I feel like we have the same things all the time but its not bad food maybe I am just getting sick of eating all the time arg! Me and my companion Sister Chang go to the temple to eat lunch on P-days sometimes it's a change. This week has been pretty awesome because our guest speakers were both amazing for fireside and devotional this week. This Sunday we had Sister Sheri Dew come and speak and her main point was mortality in comparison to eternity is small even if it doesn't feel like it now. She talked about life being short and that we need to understand who we are. She said right now is the time to learn right now!

Then for devotional on Tuesday we had Elder David A. Bednar come and speak. That is count them 4 times apostles came and spoke. His wife spoke she said its going to be hard but God is with you. Elder Bednar spoke about defining what a doctrine, what a principle, and what an application is. I will send dad my notes again in the mail. Sorry if my emails don't sound very personal. I freak out as the red time box counts down the minutes that we can write.

This coming Monday everyone is going to be new and I will get a new companion. The only people not new will be my elders. The new district that we got this past wednesday are really cool they fit my personality well. I am the coordinating sister (like the relief society president in the MTC) and I am going to meet our new district tonight! We have 4 new sisters in our room so its going to be interesting but they are only here for 3 weeks so they will leave before I leave.

I love the MTC but am ready to leave I'm so tired all the time I feel like I'm more tired now than I was ever tired in the earlier weeks. Everyone says you get used to it but i think it just gets worse as the months go on. I am still going strong but there is only so much you can do in the MTC. This week my teacher told us that we need to get 10 contacts a day. Today P-day I have only gotten one I guess I'm going to be spending that hour before bed contacting!

This week I teach the first lesson in Cebuano for the first time. Ahhh I'm not sure how ready for that I am... hopefully me and my elders can come up with something to fill the whole 35 minutes of teaching in the language. I don't want to ask questions because we will all just spend 10 minutes trying to figure out what they said but maybe I will because that will take up time muhahah.

It's snowing here now it was warm and now its cold again really really cold. It was snowing yesterday and today nothing has stuck to the ground yet but it's only a matter of time.

One of the councilors in my branch told us to feel lucky because in the 18 months of being in the MTC there has never been an apostle come and speak 4 weeks in a row!! I hope they make it 5 next week!!

Nahigugma ko kaninyo


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