Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Notes Elder Kevin W. Pearson MTC Devotional

 Elder Kevin W. Pearson MTC Devotional
Quorum of the Seventy
Tuesday, November 16, 2010 7:00pm

Kevin W. Pearson

Spirit knows how to speak to your spirit not any language you might speak.

Will not fail.  This is the Lord's work so you will not fail.  You will succeed.

Faith to succeed?

True doctrine changes attitude & behaviors.

Agency & accountability

Moral choices
Lead to Christ

You get what you focus on constantly.  Mission makes it good or not good.  It's what you make it.

You get exactly what you choose to get.

Not set part to be average missionary.  No average person in heaven.

What's at stake?

Your mission is the future of your family.  Posterity praying for you in heaven.

Power of divine identity

You are not who you think you are

Motto--3 Nephi 5:13 I am a disciple of Jesus Christ!

I am going to give it all my might, mind and strength.  I have been called.

Am I a true disciple?  Am I no longer struggling?

A disciple does not try he/she does!

Do or do not there is no trying.

Lord does not say try.

I am done trying I need to do! Commit and move forward.

Just do best every day and not need to struggle but need to know who you are...

Want to change reality have to change what do/think to know who you really are

More become disciple of Christ become who you really are

Be 100% obedient.

  If I am a disciple I am no longer sleeping in... using my time wisely.


What is faith?

Faith is gift bestowed when obedient.  Faith comes from obedience.

Willingly aligning will with Father's will.

Willingness to consecrate life to Lord.

100% obedience.

What you want you will get what you focus on consistently.

Every day 100% obedience.

Faith is principle of power.  How much power do you want?

Prayer Bible Dictionary pages 752-753

Prayer is will of the Lord

Align will with Heavenly Father.

Prayer secures blessings.  God willing to give if just ASK.

When prayer not answered because selfishness of heart and not in name of Jesus Christ.

Everyone meet knows Jesus Christ learned in pre-existance. Locked in spirit that truth.  Mortal amnesia unlock knowledge through spiritual process=Holy Ghost (only).

Only Holy Ghost can teach our spirits.

Why 19 year old can unlock that knowledge.

We help people unlock those mysteries of heaven.  Key of knowledge.

Jesus is head of His work. You represent Father & Soin,  You represent doctrine of Christ.

Be a disciple.  They do work through us.

Do every day. 

Embrace principles of the gospel.

Maximized focus time of 16 hours.

Embrace principles of the gospel. 

Changes your reality=Potential Your Future.

Pay price become disciple.

Heavenly Father What is it that thou willst have me do?

Heavenly Father reserves most obedient missionaries for prepared children.

Remember who talking to when praying.  Ask for help to become disciple. Commit self to do everything in power so Father send full power of the Holy Ghost.

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