Friday, October 29, 2010

Letter to Parent: Teach with the Spirit

October 29, 2010


So I have my camera and have been taking tons of pictures.  Turns out you can't take pictures in the gym or cafeteria but I took some for you anyways.  I have them on my memory card but on the computers they don't have a place to plug in your memory card so I can't send them in emails.  I'm going to try and develop a few or see if they can put them on a CD and send them home for you maybe tomorrow.

Elder Russell M. Nelson came and spoke at the devotional this week.  His message was that short powerful messages with the Spirit bring people unto the gospel as long drawn out messages.  I think the reason that we can't take pictures in the gym is because they have the devotionals in there so that's most likely why but anyways hope all is well at home.

My district is pretty good.  There are 6 elders in my district:  Elder English, Elder George, Elder Azerus, Elder Holley, Elder Andrus,  and Elder Ausban.  My teachers are still great.  I really like them a lot.  I love the messages you learn every day at the MTC and how easy it is to teach with the Spirit.

My Elders tear up but their eyes get red.  I am amazed that anyone falls away from the Church after being at the MTC.  There is no way you can deny the Holy Ghost or God or anything about the gospel after being at the MTC.

Love you and glad you taught me to go on a mission.  Its amazing and I love it.  Hope I can rely on God and have faith in learning the language.

Nhigugma ko kanimo.

Love Annika

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