Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Notes Elder Richard G. Scott MTC Devotional

Elder Richard G. Scott Devotional
(Quorum of the 12)
October 26, 2010 7:00pm

Write down impressions.

Even if all is taken off this earth nothing will make me go against this gospel.

Pray for guidance.

Exercise faith, think, struggle, act. Answers come through process.

Walking home or something Holy Ghost gives prompting take a different route. Change it immediately.

Follow quiet promptings.

Protective Shield as obedient and be protected by the Lord.

Express gratitude for Help.

Lord always hears prayers.

Lord always answers while quiet and will be most powerfully touched.

Find time to ponder.

Just think and respond to guidance given by the Lord.

Pondering is not a waste of time.

Sisters here we love you. He knows you are here with no requirement.

Watch your health.

Take care of yourself don't need to put in as many hours as elders.

Don't worry about who has the prompting but follow it.

A proud person will never be guided by the Spirit.

Humility not weakness ability to be prompted by the Lord.

Evoke the gift of tongues.

From authority as long as you have faith.

Evoke confidence with guidance of the Spirit.

Lessons retained throughout life and use them.

Understanding of truths of the restored gospel.

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