Thursday, October 28, 2010

Elder Scott Invokes Apostolic Blessing on MTC Sisters and Sisters Who Go Home to Marry Given Honorable Releases

This week has been really crazy. The other Cebuano district left yesterday and its been really quiet without them. They were all amazing people. Basically everyone loved them! So in crazy news in the MTC Sister Russell left the other day the same day as Sister Brinton. Sister Brinton went to the field while Sister Russell went home to get married! She has a date set for December 6th. You forget there is a real world outside of the MTC sometimes and that people leave their missions.

I guess though that when girls leaves their missions they are considered as having served honorably. Their records say they served a full time mission even if she was only out for 2 weeks. It is weird how that happens.  I was sad because think of all those people that she would have met.  But I think she is happy about her decision about her going on a mission and. I think it was the best thing for her, because she is now getting married.

I am blessed though because Sister Chang is now my companion. God answered my prayers because I didn't want to be left without a sister and only elders. I might have gone crazy. Boys are hard to understand at least I don't get them, especially not 19 year old boys. Arg!! Anyways I love my district actually, so its not too bad. Their humor is just super random.

I got new companions this week Elder Holley and Elder Azerus. We have taught together once and we are still figuring it out. But we will get it right when its time to change companions again.

So the coolest news ever Elder Richard G. Scott came and spoke this week. That is 2 weeks in a row to hear an apostle speak which is so amazing. Elder Scott spoke about praying for guidance and how God will answer you in time. You just need to be patient. He invoked a protective shield on the sisters. He invoked the gift of tongues, and he invoked confidence all through the authority he has as an apostle of Jesus Christ! I love hearing from the apostles so cool!

So i probably sound ridiculus but im racing against the time clock here and its crazy so basically cant write too much so anyways the new sisters and elders are about to leave it seems like they just got here and they are about to leavee im pretty sure we have seen so many people come and go already and we still have 6 more weeks basically weird!!  Time here is so weird and it seems as if i have been here years!  But loving it still!

Nahigugma Ko Kanimo!

Sister Annika Bruno

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