Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Notes on Elder Russell M. Nelson MTC Devotional

October 19, 2010

Sister Wendy Nelson

14 million LDS pray for you morning, noon, and night. I'm going to battle for the Lord.

Russell M. Nelson

You are safer on a mission than those at home who have not been called. We are here to help establish the Lord's work or purpose.

2 Nephi 31:13--Take on the name of Christ.

Never talk about baptism negatively.

The pattern to follow in Moroni 6:4--Remember converts they're your children in the church. Keep connected with them. Be interested in investigator's children and grandchildren.

Only one chance to make a good first impression. When you meet people for the first time meet them with a smile. Don't get in the way. Don't be a distraction. He must increase but I must decrease.

Make eye contact. Look for ways to connect. Shake hands firmly.

Ask investigator what is your greatest concern. How can I be of help to you? You are sent forth to teach people. You have been sent by the Lord. Ask them to please listen to our message.

Be alert.  Listen attentively. Say I didn't hear your name how do you spell it. Ask where it comes from. Genealogy is popular today.

Always tell people who you are and where you are from.

Sharing a brief belief is a good place to start.

Tell them why you are here. We follow Jesus Christ.

Your purpose is to teach doctrine of Jesus Christ.

Study from the topical guide.

Let scriptures become core curriculum.

D&C 136:32--Humble self call unto God see & hear.

Spiritual batteries fully charged when leave MTC
  • Keep batteries charged
  • Run along road to keep batteries charged
D&C 76:5--armed with righteousness

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