Wednesday, October 20, 2010

MTC Experience: Loving Missionaries Differences

Kamusta Everyone and Hello Again!

This message comes to you from the world called the MTC. It feels like its own world we are here forever I am ready to leave and go out and speak Cebuano even though I don't know as much as I should. I love the MTC though it is an awesome experience! This week actually last night we had a devotional and guess who came! Elder Nelson so Cool. That's right one of the 12 apostles came and spoke to us pretty cool! I wish we could have been able to shake his hand, but I know that its because the flu buggy is going around in the MTC and as I sat in the devotional I just heard all sorts of coughs and nose blowing all over the place, but still I wish he would have shook our hands! This week has gone by so fast I have no idea what happened to it! Insane. Sister Brinton is leaving for the Philippines on Monday and its going to be a sad day I'm going to be lost without her, but I know its going to be awesome with a new "companion" when she leaves I will have to go to the office and get a new assigned sister... weird right most sisters get a companion the whole time they are here but it's okay I think its way better this way you get to change it up a lot and it's new every week!

Being in the MTC I have realized that I love people just everyone! Being out in the world you get to choose your friends and who you get to be around but here you have to be with the same people all the time and you realize that you just love all of them for their differences it's pretty awesome just to love everyone and not worry about what people think because you know they love you too haha or you like to think they do!

It's been pretty hard not to be able to go outside whenever you want I need the sun! The weather has been pretty nice lately and I have been going outside as much as possible. Our teachers feel our antsy pants and bring us outside as much as possible!

Miss you Love you!!

Sister Annika Bruno

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