Friday, October 15, 2010

Missionary Letter: MTC Hard

 14 October 2010

Sister Annika Bruno
MTC Mailbox #169
Phi-CEB 1209
2005 N. 900 E.
Provo, UT 84604-1793


Thanks for the money not exactly sure how much I spent.  I have to total the receipts but I got a lot of things I needed.  I had a lot more to get than I had thought!

The MTC is hard at times but being solo is hard.  Not having a set person its hard to plan your days.  I am basically companions with 3 people, 2 elders in the district and my "companion" Sister Brinton until she leaves in 2 weeks!  The MTC doesn't really have rules for us solo sisters.  We kind of make our own based on the guidelines but at least I'm never alone even if I feel like I'm tagging along.

Although I miss home I am trying to keep busy and not think about home too much.  The MTC is harder than anyone would think but I have faith in the Lord! I love getting letters. I love Dear Elder.  They are amazing. I am so grateful that you sent me some they keep me sane. Way better than email. I can read them any day rather than on one P-Day.  Plus I don't have enough time to read emails.  I got my email sent out with only 30 seconds to spare.  I typed my little heart out!

I am trying hard to learn Cebuano but it's hard to get the vocabulary down.  Tomorrow we have TRC and I am not ready at all.  I'm stressed about it!  Hope all is well at home.  I love hearing about it.  It's not boring it's cute you and dad went on a date.  Haha.  Well way past bed time!

P-day is on Wednesday for me.  I missed my first one since I came on Wednesday.  So that is why I couldn't email until this Wednesday! Sad I know.

Nhigugma ako kanimo (I have a deep love for you)

Annika (Sister Bruno)

P.S.  Fun Fact: We don't have Cebuano name tags.  They are in English.  We can order them in the Philippines though but they do that because not everyone learning Cebuano is going to speak Cebuano since there are too many dialects.  They just give you an English name tag!

P.S.S. Tell dad I love him too but he didn't send a Dear Elder so he gets an email!

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