Sunday, October 17, 2010

Third Parent Letter

Missionary Name: Sister Annika Bruno
Mission: Provo MTC
Date Submitted: October 17

Dear Annika,

Hi, hope you had a great weekend. I remember weekends in the MTC were great. Guess what I did this weekend? I finished your dress and I am sending it to you tomorrow. Also some footies and flip flops. So I hope you got all the books and things you need. I assume you got some journals, too. It looks like you have some money left in your account, so you can get a camera when you get over there to the Philippines. You should have someone in your district let you download a few pictures from their cameras and send them home on your Pday. It would be nice to have some pics of your district.

Also this weekend I got to see someone from my mission! My very first district leader, Elder Lussier, was attending a family reunion in Charleston so he came over this morning and went to Church with us. I haven't seen him in 25 years. It was a little weird. You think all those people from your mission just stay the same age, and then when you see them, they are 25 years older and it is strange. Then you realize YOU are that much older, too! Oh dear. I am old.

So Flora went to singles ward today with the White boy.  Gigi is planning to come out here in December. She is graduating and she applied for a job here in Charleston. She was offered a position paying 45,000 a year doing finance!! I think that is pretty amazing, but she says she is not sure she is going to take it!! Oh well, she still has a few weeks to decide. Then the job will start in January. I think it will be fun having her here, but I'm sure she won't be able to stand living with us for very long. She likes her space. But even if she stays with us for about 3 months with that kind of salary she can save enough for a down payment on a condo or something.

OK, well I hope you are doing well and I will write you an email so you can read it on your Pday. Can't wait to hear from you.



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