Friday, October 22, 2010

Letter to Sibling: Random Talks at Sacrament in the MTC

October 22, 2010


Of course I will send Kiki a pony all the way from the Philippines if I ever get there!  The MTC time is so weirdI feel like I have been here for months.  I forgot you were a solo sister!  It's hard at times.

My sister companion is going to another mission Tacloban (sp?)  But in the Philippines too.  She is learning Cebuano also so we can keep in touch.  She leaves Monday.  I'm so sad.  Elder Andrus and Elder Ausban are going to Tacloban too like Sister Brinton.  Then the 4 other Elders are going to Cebu like me.  In my MTC ward we have an English district and our other Cebuano district and I think that's all.

Shock was on Sunday when I found out we need to write talks every week and they call people at random.  I haven't gotten called yet but I am nervous to get called.  My talks I have written have been amazing though!

Next time you write Dear Elder it then I can read it sooner!  And I want those talks!

I heard about your marathon from Gigi.  That's going to be awesome.  Wish I could do it.  We hardly get gym here at the MTC!  But I love GYM!

Well got to go to bed.  I'm bad at this rule arg!  Miss you and love you.  Write next week. Kiss Kiki (Bubbles) for me!

Nhigugma ko kanimo

Love Annika

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