Wednesday, February 29, 2012


---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Annika Bruno Date: Wed, Feb 29, 2012 at 3:51 PM Subject: Progress... To: Dear President Schmutz, This week has really been a humbling week. We have stayed close with the members especially those who like to feed us haha... but we used it as an opportunity to get them involved in fellow shipping. Talking with the members many concerns arise. Its sad to see so many people so unwilling to fellowship. We prayed about a fellow shipper for our inactive member with the LOC problem and when we received our answer we talked to that brother and he was unwilling to fellowship because of past things that had happened. We taught from the doctrine and covenants and the doctrine of Christ and his life, and he was still being difficult about it. His wife told him to stop being a drama queen and that he couldn't attend the next time the missionaries taught. She was teasing him, but in a way it was true it was hard to get him to be humble and forget the past and to act as Jesus would. We have realized that we are starting to be blessed in our area through our hard work. I wake up everyday so tired, but excited to start the day. We have many new investigators being prepared for baptism. I don't know how quickly they will progress, but we will be the most obedient we can and do everything in our power to help them understand the importance of baptism. Brother Dave and Sister Avegail are still willing to listen but their schedule is every other saturday. I am not sure why, but that is what brother Dave wants for now. We explained that it would be more beneficial if we were to meet at least once a week if not twice a week so he could understand the doctrine and not forget quickly, but he said he would rather it be every other Saturday. We have an appointment with him next Saturday if you would like to attend President. They said they they are married now. We have taught the restoration, and he said he has been taught the restoration many times. He seems to understand, but still has not received an answer to his prayer. We told him sometimes we receive an answer through our studying the book of Mormon, but he has cardaracs in his eyes so he cant see clearly. We suggested Sister Avegail read for him and we will also read with him the book of Mormon to help him gain a testimony. Brother Ong seems so prepared through listening to previous missionaries for baptism, but his work schedule is the problem he doesn't have a set work schedule so its hard to know when to catch him at home. He has not heard all of the lessons, but he said he believes that Joseph Smith is a prophet.l We will do everything we can to catch him at home, and continue to help his progression. We went to talk to brother Jonclar the other day. He was drunk at the time, but he opened up that he wants to continue to listen. he is growing in his desire to hear the gospel which is a huge improvement from when we first met him. He must have kept his commitment to pray about continuing to listen. We plan to go back on thursday. Word of wisdom will be a top priority to teach. Sister Acain is amazing. I feel she will be ready to train straight away after the training period. She really has a talent for teaching, and I can tell that she prepared before she came on her mission. Although she does not think she has much patience I have found she is a very humble and caring person. She has patience through any trial that has come her way. I have learns so much from her. I thought I was supposed to do the teaching, but I am grateful for the help. Elder Harris gave an amazing workshop for District meeting and it has helped me so much with getting rid of idol time on the mission. I have been growing so much on the mission, and can tell it has shaped me into the person that I want to be and that God wants me to be. My biggest fear is falling away from the church after the mission. I am glad I am being taught how to avoid becoming inactive by teaching the inactive people. Our area has been a challenge, but I have hope for the next couple of months that we will start seeing the fruits of our efforts. We turned over our investigator brother Robert to the Marigondon Elders, because he was not in our area and we had no support from the ward or bishopric since they said he is not in our area and long term he won't be our baptism. I think it was the right decision to start him in a ward that will support him and where he will continue his progression, and I can not wait to see the day that he will be baptized. its just sad that he had no support because he wasn't in our area. He is still a son of God and its the same work no matter where he lives. I am confident that Elder Harris and Elder Encarnacion will help him through his journey since they are such obedient elders. Our zone leaders are great too. I can really see the change in Elder Murillo and the desire to be obedient. Elder Cabrera is a good example for us all. I am excited to see what the next week will bring. Anything that might come I am ready to jump, leap, run, crawl, or any other action it takes to overcome the unseen obstacles that might occur. Like I said before BRING IT ON. Sister Bruno

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