Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Planning On A Mission

---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Annika Bruno Date: Wed, Mar 7, 2012 at 11:03 AM Subject: President... To: Dear President Schmutz, This week has been successful. We are starting to see the progression of some investigators, but they haven't been to church yet. Their progression has been slow for some reason, and its hard to get a set schedule with most of our investigators and inactive members. Its starting to be a game of catching them when they are home. We have been doing much better with being more effective for nightly planning, but it seems so difficult to plan since most of the people have only night schedules so we can't visit everyone in one week. We seem to have so many people that we just can't met with them all. We are trying our best though. Sister Acain is very go get the job done kind of person. She has already taken the initiative to start nightly planning, and I am happy to let her try to lead the area. We are working together to get the ward involved. Things we request are done, but it just takes time with them. Sister Acain has already been on splits three times in just her 5 weeks here on the mission. I know it is helping her progress more quickly. We need to split because there are so many people we couldn't teach them all if we do not split. Sister Acain is very bright and I am glad for her ideas for the area. I am not worried about her leading the area or even training soon. She was prepared when she came on her mission. Much more prepared than I was. We plan on teaching Brother Dave this Saturday at 630PM. Are you still planning on attending President? We will teach about the book of Mormon. Another member also agreed to come with us to our lesson this Saturday. The only thing is that Bishop Caesar wants him to attend his ward so there will be no need to transition, and so we will need to work closely with the Lapulapu 2nd sisters so that when he comes to church he will go straight to their ward. There has been some success but also slow progression. This actually has been my slowest progressing area. We are working our hardest, and I have faith that if we continue to be obedient that we will start to see the change in the area. President also just following up about my extension is there any word about it being official. Thank you President. Sister Bruno

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