Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Charge to Stay Strong

I changed the password so that president could send the endorsement. But it is kisskiss28 I am sorrowed to the soul to hear that mom would do such a thing. I know that satan is real that he knows our weaknesses, but work things out if you can. I really hope for all of our sakes she has not committed Law of Chastity. I know you have many trials in your life and we have not helped but just so you know I love you and are here for you. Don't let this tear you away from the church but bring you closer to God. If we continue to follow the commandments I know that no matter what happens we will be happy in the next life. You are strong stay faithful no matter what is going on at home. I know it's not easy but continue to pray for the help from God read your scriptures, and go to church. Don't let anything stop you from eternal life. I know this will be a trial for our family, but for now I am focused on the work of God! Dad I know its not the best time to ask, but I would hope to still extend. President Schmutz said its almost final that I can I just need to make sure its okay with you and the stake President financially! I know its hard times but please if there is anyway to extend please let this be my final request before I have to come home to what is happening. Sister Bruno

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