Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New Companion in Lapulapu

Dear President Schmutz,

This week has been really good.  I love my companion Sister Acain.  She is very knowledgeable about the lessons, and its as if I do not have to train her much in the way to teach.  Her background in teaching is an advantage to her.  I can tell that she has worked with the missionaries before.  I almost feel that our companionship is more as equals.  We are continuing to be diligent about the studies, and although I have been over the material two times before I know there is so much more to learn if I stay focused in this program.  I feel Sister Acain is more than capable of training even after one transfer.  For sure she will be ready in two transfers after the training program.  I have given her some room to lead starting just after a couple of days.  We have become equals, but continue to correct when needed.  She really seems like she knows what she is doing.  Our personalities match so well together, and even our birthday is the same 24 August 1989...  

President Schmutz I was just wondering if you have been thinking about my request to extend.  I would understand if not because there is a possibility that there would be a threesome in this case it would be noneffective for me to stay, but if at all possible I am willing to stay if it would help the mission.

We are still getting to know the area, and the ward is supportive in our efforts.  We have a ward mission leader who is fresh off the mission so that helps a lot.

We have some new investigators and we are hoping they will become progressing investigators soon.  We are still meeting a lot of the members and inactive members so it might take a few weeks before we can get a set schedule going.  We plan to clean up the CMIS and work with the ward to visit all the members and the list.  We will let you know of our progress.

Thank you President Schmutz for your words of encouragement we were all sad not to have a chance to see you at our zone interview this past Wednesday, but we understand the circumstances.  Thank You for your words of love.  I just want to echo you in saying I love you both as heros and examples. 

Sister Bruno

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