Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Extension on Mission

---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: <2012162-PRS@ldschurch.org> Date: Tue, Feb 21, 2012 at 5:52 PM Subject: Re: Weekly Report Sent on 15 Feb 2012 To: annika.bruno@myldsmail.net Dear Sister Bruno, It was good to see you recently at the Mission Home. It's too bad that Sister Acain is having so much trouble with her teeth. We'll try to work it out with her. But I am so pleased with her missionary attitude. It doesn't seem like she is afraid to open her mouth. And I'm glad that you two seem to be doing so well together. So you really want to extend a transfer, right? Okay, I believe that is going to happen. I should be able to let you know by the time of zone conference. But before we can make it official, you need to get your parent's permission. they will be required to pay one more month of support, and they might want you to come home. So have you already discussed this with them in an email? Let me know. If all is in place on your end, I'll call and talk with your Stake President. You need to get all those people married. No more LOC violations! YOu are a great missionary. Did I ever tell you how grateful I am that you are a missionary in this mission? You have a wonderful sense of humor, you work hard, you are completely obedient, and you will do anything the Lord requires of you, make any sacrifice, and you won't stop till its done. That is my kinda girl! So we got your endorsement all done. Let me know if you get in, or if you need anything else done. Have a great week. All my love, President Schmutz P.S. Where did you come up with the password kisskiss28? do we need to have an interview?

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