Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dear family, I am writing this to tell you that the gospel of Jesus Christ is true. That anything that happens in life through obedience to our Heavenly Father we will be blessed. Satan is real his attack is on the family. We must over come all temptation to follow the cunning one. He is lower than us. We have God's power to over come anything that satan may tempt us with. Our family must continue to fight. Just do your best and rely on God to do the rest. Stay close to Him and He will bless you. Be faithful and believing. Don't do anything that will jeopardize your eternal happiness. I have seen that the law of Chastity is the biggest problem with our investigators right now. We are teaching them to once again come unto Christ. Anything that we have done we can be forgiven of, but we must forsake the sin and return to the right path. I don't know what all will happen in life but I know with faith anything is possible. I know that God has a plan for all of His children, and that we can overcome the sadness and feel comfort when we seek God. He is always listening He will always help you through anything. We must continually seek for His spirit. Do not do anything that will cause the spirit of God to withdraw itself. I am not perfect on the mission, but I wake up everyday trying to reach that perfection, and when I fall short I repent pick myself up again and continue to seek that high level of perfection. I wake up again everyday close to Heavenly Father. We know we are close to God when we feel His spirit. Continue, be faithful, and until we meet again. I am always your sister in the faith. Love you all until eternity, Sister Bruno

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