Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Challenging Area

Dear Family,

The work is going here in Lapu-Lapu 1st.  We have yet to seen a baptism this transfer, but I think we might see three this April.  This area has really been a challenge.  This is what we think.  If you don't have baptisms, you are reactivating, if you are not reactivating you are helping the recent converts be strengthened, if you are not strengthening the recent converts you are helping the members.  We are kind of just doing it all here.  There are so many people in all different classes that its not a concentrated effort in any particular part of the work.  We can't do it all alone!  Thats why we have the Savior walking beside us.  

Sister Acain is still awesome and I love her.  No transfer.  My release date is 21 May.  

Our zone activity to the Olongo Island was really fun.  It was a big adventure.  We explored and found a free place to sit on the beach, because if we sat in the resort there is an entrance fee and a fee for the cottage.  We found a house that the man let us use his cottage, and the man even said we could ride around in his paddle boats, but we couldn't because its BAWAL (not allowed) on the mission, but that's okay because we had a blast just playing games.

I love you all,

Sister Bruno

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