Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Do I Have Enough Faith?

Date: March 28, 2012
Area: Lapulapu 1st Ward
Companion: Sister Acain

Dear President Schmutz,

We are emailing you before we figure out this school stuff. It's interesting to have to shift my mind into what is going on after the mission. We are doing okay in the work its been interesting opening an area
again. It's always a challenge, but we are applying our faith in the area, and we are hoping for 3 baptisms this April.

Sister Lea is married to a member, and she is interested in finding out about the church. She opened up that she wants her kids to have one religion in the family, and is willing to find out for herself if it is true.
She has a testimony of Joseph Smith, and we are taking the approach of answering her questions with assignments and that is our next lesson.

We have taught the restoration, and answered some of her questions about sacrament and such. She just had a question about Law of Chastity which we gave as an assignment, and we will go back to the plan of
salvation next lesson. Sister Lea is tagalog speaking, and it has been a challenge to try to learn a new language, but I find it to be a help to keep me on my toes on the mission.

Brother Jeffrey Ong is also married to a member, and has taken the discussions on and off before. He is willing to listen, and has a testimony of Joseph Smith, but he has a problem with going to church because of his work schedule.

Brother Jonclar Ayuda is also an investigator who lives with his member sister at the time, and works with one of our recent converts. He at first was hesitant to listen, but his desire really has grown to listen and understand the gospel. He even attended church with us last Sunday.

Time is short on the mission and there is no time for regrets. Sister Acain is a strong example to me, and I will never forget her and her friendship. I really love her spirit of hard work. I have stepped down
so that she can step up. I have found that is what it is to be a trainer. I really want her to progress quickly to not hold her back, because she knows what she wants, and she is lead by the spirit.

She is one of those people that really is in tune with the spirit, and has given her will to the Father. I think that she will baptize the whole Philippines. She is in the high excellence current and I dont see her
falling into the pwede na current.

I have been studying faith, and I am glad for your workshop at the sisters training because I have found that I was lacking faith. I have always had the question do I have enough faith to be healed mentally physically spiritually. I have felt my work grow as I have been studying faith, and trying to apply what I have learned in the work.

I love you President Schmutz thank you for everything you do and say and especially for your example.

Sister Bruno

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